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Unterstützter Einkauf

If you have any trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. The funds will be deducted from your Shipito account, and we will purchase the products. Sales tax and shipping fees are determined by the retailer (if applicable). Pricing for this service is listed below:

  • Service Fee: $8.50 USD per 10 items (from the same retailer)
  • Processing Fee (4.3% of order total)
  • Commission Fee (8% of order total)

Learn more about our Assisted Purchase program.

Leider nicht. Wenn du von mehreren Verkäufern kaufen möchtest, dann musst du für jeden dieser Verkäufer einen separaten Unterstützten Einkauf eingeben.
To place an assisted purchase order, please have the URLs of the items you want to buy ready. On your account go to the "Assisted Purchase" section and click "New Assisted Purchase." Fill in the required information to proceed with placing the order.
If any item in your order is not available, we will purchase what is available. 50% of your order must be available, otherwise the assisted purchase request will be canceled and you will be notified by email.
Usually between 2-5 days, depending on the day the request is submitted and the volume of requests. Please note that it can an additional 1-3 week for the package to be placed into your account based upon the shipping speed of the seller.
Yes, we can return items from an assisted purchase. If you wish to have your items returned, please open a support ticket through your Shipito account specifying what items need to be returned and why. Please be sure to check the seller's return policy prior to asking us to initiate a return. All return fees will be your responsibility.



  • Consolidation (combine) is only available to Premium users. You can upgrade your membership through your account settings.
  • You can only Consolidate (combine) if the packages are in the same warehouse.

Step 1:
Select "Packages In Warehouse" followed by "Ready To Ship" below that.

Please remember to fill out a customs declaration for every package you want to consolidate (combine). We cannot merge or mail out packages without this information.

Step 2
Once you're there, you'll see your packages ready to ship as well as this banner. Simply click "Select Packages" to choose the ones you want to consolidate (COMBINE)

Step 3
You will be taken to this page (as shown below). Simply follow the steps.
Yes, there is a consolidation fee, $3 for each package you choose to consolidate.
Shipping rates for a consolidated package cannot be determined until the consolidation has been completed. Shipping rates and available carriers are based on the dimensions and weight of the package. This information will be updated in your account once the consolidation has been completed and a new package ID assigned. You can get an estimate from our shipping calculator.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Consolidation (combine) is only available to Premium users. You can upgrade your membership through your account settings.

Consolidation (combine) is a process where we take smaller packages and put them together into one box. Please allow up to 1-2 business days for all consolidation requests to be processed.


  • Keep the outside box
  • Keep retail packaging
  • Keep the product only


    Standard Box Size: (This is set by default)
    Your items will be packed in the smallest standard box, the box will be cut down if there is extra space and packing materials will be added to secure your items with the tightest fit. Packages which don't fit in the full consolidated box, can be selected to either be A) consolidated in another box or B) returned back to your mailbox

    Custom Box Size
    If you are shipping items which require a custom-made box, there will be a $5 USD surcharge to create a custom size box for your item. Items like guitars and golf clubs are examples of items which will need custom boxes. We do this to protect your items and comply with shipping regulations.

  • We don't recommend consolidating packages bigger than 26”x13”x13”. Larger packages have an increased risk of damage during shipping.


    We provide additional options to be added to your consolidated (combined) packages.

  • Express consolidation processing $5.00 USD
  • Remove Invoice $1.00 USD
  • Remove Price Tags $1.00 USD
  • Extra Bubble Wrap $2.00 USD
  • Other Request $5.00 USD
  • Customs Fit My Box $3.00 USD

  • Once we consolidate (combine), we measure the new package and weigh it again. We also take a photo of all the items being consolidated in order to ensure greater accuracy. If you would like more photos, please use the “Additional Services” as shown above.

  • Die Lagerdauer wird durch das Datum des ältesten Pakets bestimmt, das konsolidiert wird. Wenn du beispielsweise Paket A mit 30 Tagen Lagerung, Paket B mit 40 Tagen und Paket C mit 45 Tagen konsolidierst, werden für das neu erstellte Paket 30 Tage Lagerzeit übrig bleiben, da Paket A das älteste davon ist.

    Beschränkungen bei Konsolidierungen nach Australien

    Consolidations (combining of boxes) to Australia is allowed via DHL, but all packages to be combined and shipped must be from the same seller i.e. Amazon.

    Single Merchant / Shipper / Vendor Multi-Package Shipment and Consolidations.

  • Max Weight: 150lbs (68kg)
  • Max Length: 108in (274cm)
  • Max Size MUST be 48 x 32 x 32in (120 x 80 x 80cm)
  • Important! All packages sent via Multi-Packet and Consolidation must be from the same merchant. i.e. Amazon

  • The following carriers allow multi- seller combined packages to be shipped with the set restrictions.

    Shipito Preferred Carrier with Australia Post
  • Max Weight: 50lbs (22.5kg)
  • Max Length: 39in (99cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 120in (304cm)
  • Important! Check our Prohibited and Limited Items page

  • USPS Express
  • Max Weight : 66lbs (30kg)
  • Max Length: 36in (91cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 97in (246cm)

  • USPS Priority
  • Max Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Max Length: 42 inches
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 97in (246cm)

  • USPS First Class
  • Max Weight: 4lbs (1.8kg)
  • Max Length: 24in (60cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 36in (91cm)

  • Airmail Economy
  • Max Weight: 4.4lbs (1.9kg)
  • Max Length: 24in (60cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 36in (91cm)

  • RRD Priority Parcel
  • Max Weight: 48lbs (21kg)
  • Max Length: 41in (104cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 102in (259cm)

  • RRD Express
  • Max Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Max Length: 36in (91cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 97in (246cm)

  • RRD Priority
  • Max Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Max Length: 42in (106cm)
  • Length + Girth MUST be less than 97in (246cm)

  • This service is only available for DHL, all packages must be from the same merchant

    Other Service Related Questions

    If you have more than one package going to the same delivery address, you can save a lot of money by using our Multiple Piece Shipment (MPS) service. Through this service, you can ship multiple packages out at once, without combining them.

  • MPS is only available to those with a premier account
  • This service is only available for DHL.
  • You may not create an MPS that contains packages with flammable items and packages without flammable items.
  • Customs declaration must be complete for each package.

  • To enter an MPS request, follow the instructions shown on the image below.

    Yes you can. A special request would be anything from; removing invoices, price tags, or any other custom instructions you would like us to do for your item/s.

    Important Notes:
  • Special requests that take up to 15 minutes are the standard $5, but anything over will be $25/hour. For example, If it takes 30 minutes, that would be prorated to $13 USD
  • If your special request was done incorrectly, please submit a support ticket through your Shipito account and our staff will resolve the issue.

  • Our goal is to complete express processing requests within 4-6 hours from the time of the request and is dependent upon operational hours and volume of shipments. If you would like express mailout, be sure to select this as well, this is a different option from express processing.
    Ja, das ist kein Problem. Erstelle dazu einen Special Request direkt beim Paket (zusätzlichen Service hinzufügen). Im Feld "andere Anweisungen" gibst du dann einfach "Fit my box to the smallest possible size that fits the content" ein. Die Gebühr hierfür sind $5 USD.
    Why take photos?
    To double check that correct items were received and forwarded by Shipito. Please read a more detailed explanation below.

    How long does it take?
    1-2 days to process
    (Monday-Friday in the United States, excluding U.S. Holidays).

    You can place a "Custom Request" in your Shipito account to take photos of the content of the shipment. Log in and click ler Packages in the warehouse i, select your package and click ”Special Requests

    We offer two options when it comes to photos:

    One photo request
    Shipito will open your package and take one photo of the contents. This is the least expensive request which gives you an idea of what items are included in your package. Do not expect a detailed shot. Typically, it is one photo showing all items contained in the package spread out on a table.

    If the content of package does not fit in the area of 36x36 inches, we will automatically charge for a multiple photo request.

    Multiple photo request /strong>
    This request gives you close up and detailed photos of the items in the package. We will also take a photo of the invoice or packing list (if enclosed). Also, photos of labels on clothes and other items so you can verify that the correct sizes were shipped. This also includes model numbers for electronics and the IMEI number for iPhones.

    We take photos based on our best judgment. If you have a specific requirement, please use OTHER INSTRUCTION ($5) and explain how you would like the photo to be taken in detail. We will not break factory seals and take pictures of the product box in One or Multiple photo request. If you wish us to inspect the product and take more detailed photos, please use OTHER INSTRUCTION.