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All packages mailed out by Shipito can be found by clicking on the "Sent Packages" tab at the top of your account. Each package has a tracking number link which will open a new tab displaying tracking information for your package. All packages are assigned a tracking number but not all shipping methods provide tracking updates. For a full list of the carries that provide tracking and those that don't, please visit our Shipping Methods page.

Olasılık #1
Her nakliyeci takip güncellemeleri sağlamaz, hangi nakliyeciler bu servisi sunduğnu veya sunmadiğini tam listesini Nakliye Yöntemlerisayfamızda görebilirsiniz

Olasılık #2
Bu taşıyıcılardan birini (USPS, Avustralya Postası veya Boxberry) kullanıyorsanız ve paketiniz Tualatin, Oregon'daydı; oradan sevkiyat için Hawthorne'a taşıyacağız. Bu 2-3 gün sürebilir. İzleme bilgileri online olarak güncellenecek ve sağladığınız konuma gönderilecektir.

  • Boxberry takibi sadece paket Rusya'ya ulaştığında kullanılabilinir.

  • Bunların hiçbiri sizin için geçerli değilse, lütfen üç yoldan biriyle müşteri hizmetleri ekibimizle iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyin:
  • Canlı Sohbet (Pazartesi-Pazar 12:00 - 20:00 PST)
  • Bize e-posta gönderin
  • Hesabınızda bir destek bileti açın.

  • Please, remember that when shipping to Brazil using USPS/Correios you need to track your package online via the Correios website after your package arrives in Brazil.

    If you would like a step by step guide on how to track online download this PDF and follow the instructions to track your package via Correios. This tracking method only applies to packages shipped via USPS Priority or USPS Express, it does not apply to DHL packages


    The shipping rate for each parcel is calculated at mail out and is dependent on the destination, carrier selected, weight of the package, dimensions of the box and declared value. You can use our Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping rates based on these criteria.

    If you want to see which options are available for your specific destination, check out our International Shipping Calculator.

    If you want to see a list of ALL available shipping methods that Shipito offers, along with their size and weight limits then visit our Shipping Methods page.

    Die Versanddienstleister die in das ausgewählte Land möglich sind, werden im Versandkostenrechner angezeigt - wenn der gewünschte dort nicht aufscheint bieten wird ihn im Moment nicht an.

    Wir prüfen allerdings regelmäßig unsere Partner um euch immer die günstigsten und schnellsten Versandarten anzubieten. Die verfügbaren Versandarten sind immer abhängig vom Gesicht, den Abmessungen und dem deklarierten Warenwert.

    If a shipping method is not available for your package during mail out, then please click the "Show Unavailable Shipping Methods" button below the list of carriers. This list will show the unavailable shipping methods and reasons for why these shipping carriers cannot be selected. It is usually due to the size and/or weight of the package or the declared value.

    Most mail out requests are completed within 1-2 days. Depending on time zones, weekends, U.S. holidays and carrier pickup schedules, times may vary.

    The following carriers pick up packages Monday -Friday from all warehouses:

    • DHL
    • USPS

    Monday-Friday, from our Hawthorne warehouse only:
    • Airmail Economy
    • Shipito Preferred Carrier with Australia Post
    • Shipito Preferred Carrier with DPD

    Others from our Hawthorne warehouse only:
    • Shipito Preferred Carrier with Sagawa - Tuesday - Friday
    • Aramex - Tuesday and Thursday
    • Boxberry - Friday Only
    • Pony Express - Friday Only

    If your package is in Tualatin and is shipped through a carrier that is consolidated in Hawthorne, please know it can take an additional 2-3 business days for the package to be delivered.
    Unfortunately, we cannot ship to APO or FPO addresses. We can, however, ship to international P.O. boxes only through our USPS and AU Post shipping services. We do not ship to P.O. boxes within the United States.
    We only accept prepaid labels for returns back to the seller. We do not allow shipments using personal shipper accounts, third party pickups, or the use of prepaid labels. Please view our Shipping Calculator for a full list of your shipping options.
    Nein, wir akzeptieren keine Prepaid Labels. Die einzige Ausnahme sind Rücksendungen an den Verkäufer.
    Nein, leider wird dies oft von Betrügern missbraucht um ihren tatsächlichen Standort zu verschleiern. Um uns und die Verkäufer gegen Betrug zu schützen ist es nicht möglich, ein Paket an einen anderen Paketweiterleitungsdienst zu verschicken.


    Know The Store's Return Policy

    1. Visit the store website or contact them to see their "returning a package" instructions.
  • Some stores will pay for the return shipping charge. Others will require you to pay for the shipping.

  • Shipito Return Process: If The Store Gives You A Pre-Paid Shipping Label
    Premium Members
    Premium Members $5 UDS (Place A Special Request To Attach Pre-Paid Label) + $2 USD (Package Processing Fee) + $1 USD (Manual Mail Out) = $8 USD
    Free Accounts
    Free Accounts $7 USD (Place A Special Request To Attach Pre-Paid Label) + $3 USD (Package Processing Fee) + $1 USD (Manual Mail Out) = $11 USD To Return

    1. Find the package/s you wish to return and select "Additional Services" on the right side of the package.

    2. You will get a pop-up window with all of the services we provide, you'll want to select "Other Instructions" as shown below.

    Please Note: If you do not have a prepaid label then shipping costs will replace the charges for Special Request and Manual Mail out. You will simply add the return address to your address book and process the package as a normal shipment.

    Shipping Cologne/Perfume to Russia

    Perfume/cologne is considered a Dangerous Goods by the airlines dues to flammable alcohol inside. That means we only can ship perfume with DHL or Pony Express. check if we can ship perfume/cologne to you, please use this Perfume Page to check the destination country and postal of the package to see if perfume/cologne shipping is available.
    Unfortunately, no, our shipping is limited by the country and zip code.

    Shipping perfume/cologne to Russia, is limited to certain addresses in and around Moscow and St. Petersburg with the Pony Express.

    • Postal codes are between 108800 and 613648 but area restrictions may vary. Please visit this Perfume Page for details.
    If you have specific questions about shipping perfume to your country please visit this Perfume Page or contact our support team via chat or ticket.
    Yes, the fee's you'll pay excluding your shipping costs are:

    With Pony Express

  • Dangerous goods fee = $10/per package
  • Processing fee = $2/per package
  • Custom duties and taxes (paid after the package arrives in Russia)

  • With DHL

  • Dangerous goods fee = $95/per package
  • Processing fee = $2/per package
  • In case you have to pay duties and taxes (paid after the package arrives in your country)

  • Perfume/cologne is considered a Dangerous Goods by the airlines due to the flammable alcohol inside.
    Ja, das Limit ist 500ml pro Flasche, und ein Maximalgewicht von 30kg pro Paket. Jedes Paket ist limitiert auf 5 Flaschen.
    Remember: When filling out your customs form, you will need to check the Potential Dangerous Goods box and properly declare the perfume and the number of bottles.

  • Individual perfume or cologne bottles cannot contain more than 500ml.
  • Packages are limited to 5 bottles of perfume or cologne* (30kg or 1L max).
  • Aerosols are prohibited.

  • Anytime you're shipping packages you will need to fill out a customs form, this screenshot will help to fill out the customs declaration when you are shipping a perfume/Cologne.

    Shipping Batteries

    Being able to ship lithium-ion batteries is dependent upon three things:

    1) The type of battery (as shown below)
    2) The country restrictions, which you can go to here to find out more.
    3) The carrier you chose, which can be found right below this question.

    PI965 - Loose batteries - NOT ALLOWED
    EXAMPLE: phone batteries, camera batteries, etc.
  • Due to regulations by the IATA, FAA and the TSA, Shipito cannot ship loose lithium-ion batteries

  • PI966 - Batteries packed with equipment - ALLOWED (CARRIER RESTRICTIONS APPLY)
    EXAMPLE: A phone + phone battery
  • Requires rigid outer packaging in order to provide protection from damage or compression of the batteries, the inner packaging must be placed in a strong, rigid, outer packaging.

    PI967 - Batteries contained in equipment - ALLOWED (CARRIER RESTRICTIONS APPLY)
    EXAMPLE: A phone with the battery inside it

    NOTE: If your items do not come with the original product box, please place a "special request" to have the items be repacked in a cardboard box and then placed in the shipping box.
  • When you are ready to mail out your package, be careful which shipping method accepts lithium batteries and under which conditions.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All carriers that do allow shipment of batteries have a maximum weight of 5 kg of lithium batteries per package.

    DHL: Only allows PI966 and PI967 batteries.
  • 3 or more items per package, MSDS will be required
  • 2 or less items per package, MSDS is NOT required

  • DPD - PonyExpress - Australia Post - Sagawa & Boxberry: allow PI966 & PI967 batteries.
  • 3 or more items per package, MSDS will be required

    USPS - USPS ePacket - Priority Mail International - RRD - Priority Parcel: Only allows P1967 (must be installed in the devices)
  • Item Limit: 2 items per package that contain batteries

    The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on products with potential hazards. Many products, especially electronics, contain compounds that pose a health, fire, reactivity or environmental risks when shipped. An MSDS is usually required for lithium-ion batteries or products containing specified chemicals.

    You can find an MSDS form by searching online for; item name + model number + MSDS.

    For example: "iPhone 7 MSDS"

    If you cannot find it online, simply contact the seller to obtain this form. You'll need to upload this completed form to your Shipito account using the "Provide Information" option.

    MSDS form will be required for the following countries regardless amount of batteries in your package:

    Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
    Depending on the shipping carrier you choose, additional information may be required if your package contains a battery. The "provide information" selection (shown below) will provide you with a list of documents that are needed for your package.

    If you want to ship products with lithium batteries with Shipito, you have to mark one of the options (or both) on your customs declaration form:

    Receiving & Sending Magazines/Letters

    Yes, but first you need to change the settings on your account.

    To change the setting for magazines and letters:
    1) Login
    2) Go To Account Settings
    3) Select Account Preferences.

    We require a notarized Form 1583 mailed to our office before we can handle your letters.
    For most accurate pricing, check our international shipping calculator. We use default weights for calculating postage:

    Default Weight: 0.11kg
    Default Dimensions: 25cmX12cmX2.5cm

    Default Weight: 0.31kg
    Default Dimensions: 33cmX22cmX2.5cm

    You must choose whether to forward letters and magazines immediately, or if you want them checked into your account as a standard package. This can be done through your Account Settings.

    If you choose to have them forwarded immediately, whenever we receive a letter or magazine, we will forward it to you immediately by Shipito Airmail (inexpensive mailing service comparable to First Class mail by USPS): It's required you have enough funds in your account, otherwise we will not be able to send the package immediately. The incoming package must be clearly visible as a magazine (not hidden in an envelope).

    If your choose to have your letter/magazines scanned in as a new package, whenever we receive a letter or magazine, we will enter it into your account as a new package you will mail it out through your account, choosing the shipping option you feel is best.