All of your packages processed by Shipito can be found by clicking on the "Sent Packages" tab at the top of your account. Each package has a tracking number link which will open a new tab displaying all available tracking information for your package. All packages are assigned a tracking number but not all shipping methods provide tracking updates. To check to see if your carrier provides tracking, please visit our Shipping Methods page. Watch this video for more information.
Possibility #1
Not all carriers provide tracking updates or they can be sporadic. We try to provide as much information as we are given by the carriers. Please review our Shipping Methods page to see what carriers usually provide tracking updates.

Possibility #2
If you are using one of these carriers: USPS, RRD, Australian Post, Boxberry, AirMail Economy, Shipito Preferred Carrier and your package was in Tualatin, Oregon; we will transport it to Torrance for shipment out of LAX. This may take 3-5 business days. Tracking information will be updated once the package is in the hands of the carrier.

Possibility #3
Sometimes the local postal system takes over the tracking and does not send that information to USPS and Shipito. In that case, please take the USPS tracking number you have been provided and enter that number into your local postal system website for tracking. You should be able to see further updates to your package movement.

Please contact our customer service team via Email, support@shipito.com for additional questions.
When shipping to Brazil using USPS/Correios you need to track your package online via the Correios website after your package arrives in Brazil.

If you would like a step by step guide on how to track online, you can download this PDF and follow the instructions to track your package via Correios. This tracking method only applies to packages shipped via RRD, Airmail Economy, Shipito Postal Packet, Shipito Priority Parcel, USPS Priority, USPS First Class or USPS Express, it does not apply to other carriers.


每个包裹的运费是在邮寄时计算的,取决于目的地,选择的运输商,包裹的重量,箱子的尺寸和申报价值。 您可以使用我们的运输计算器根据这些标准估算运费。

Please watch this video for more information.
The list of ALL available shipping methods that Shipito offers, along with their size and weight limits can be found on our Shipping Methods page.

If you want to see which options are available for your specific destination, check out our Shipping Calculator.

我们可供您选择的运输商将显示在我们的运输计算器中。 如果您没有看到某个运输商选项,代表目前您选择的目的地该运输选项不可用。

我们不断评估我们的运输商合作伙伴,以确保我们为您提供可靠且最具成本效益的选择。 可用的运输方式取决于目的地,重量,尺寸和包裹的申报价值。

If a shipping method is not available for your package during mail out, then please click the "Show Unavailable Shipping Methods" button below the list of carriers. This list will show the unavailable shipping methods and reasons for why these shipping carriers cannot be selected. It is usually due to the size and/or weight of the package, the declared value or the contents of the package. Some carriers will not handle certain items like cellphones, food stuff, perfume. Please check our Prohibited and Limited page for carrier restrictions on certain items.

大多数寄出请求会在1-2个工作日内完成。 视时区,周末,美国假期和运输商接送时间表而定,时间可能会有所不同。


  • DHL
  • USPS

  • 周一至周五,仅在我们的Torrance仓库中取货的运输商:
    • Airmail Economy
    • Shipito Preferred Carrier with Australia Post
    • Shipito Preferred Carrier US Premium Parcel
    • RRD

    • Shipito Preferred Carrier with Sagawa-周二至周五
    • Aramex-周二和周四
    • Boxberry-仅星期五
    • Pony Express-仅周五

    Austrian Post 仅在我们的拉斯滕费尔德(Rastenfeld)地区可用。 提货时间是星期一-星期五
We only accept prepaid labels for returns back to the seller. We do not allow shipments using personal shipper accounts, third party pickups, or the use of prepaid labels. Please view our Shipping Calculator for a full list of your shipping options.
不可以,我们不接受预付费运输标签。 唯一的例外是商户向Shipito提供预付款标签的退货。
No, unfortunately Shipito does not allowed to ship to another forwarder because it seems like fraudulent activity. In order to protect against fraud and illegal activity, Shipito strictly prohibits the shipment of packages to other forwarders.



Make sure you know the store’s return policy. Some stores will pay for the return shipping charge. Others will require you to pay for the shipping. Visit the store website or contact them to see their "returning a package" instructions.

Shipito Return Process: If The Store Gives You A Pre-Paid Shipping Label

Find the package/s you wish to return and select "Additional Services" on the right side of the package. You will get a pop-up window with all of the services we provide, you'll want to select "Other Instructions" as shown below.

  • On the instruction box, please provide more information about your request. As an example, I'm attached the return label. I would like to return the package back to the seller.

Please Note: If you do not have a prepaid label then shipping costs will replace the charges for Special Request and Manual Mail out. You will simply add the return address to your address book and process the package as a normal shipment. We only offer US Premium Parcel, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Ground Residential for US shipments. The cost to return a package is as follows:

Premium Members
Premium Members $15 USD (Place A Special Request To Attach Pre-Paid Label) + $2.25 USD (Package Processing Fee) + $1 USD (Manual Mail Out) = $18.25 USD

Free Accounts
Free Accounts $15 USD (Place A Special Request To Attach Pre-Paid Label) + $3.25 USD (Package Processing Fee) + $1 USD (Manual Mail Out) = $19.25 USD To Return

Please watch this video for more information.


Perfume/cologne is considered a Dangerous Goods by the airlines dues to flammable alcohol inside. That means we only can ship perfume with DHL, UPS, or Pony Express. Before you purchase perfume/cologne, please visit Perfume Page to check the destination country and postal of the package to see if perfume/cologne shipping is available.
Unfortunately, no, our shipping is limited by the country and zip code. If you have specific questions about shipping perfume to your country please visit this Perfume Page or contact our support team via chat or ticket.

Pony Express

  • 危险品费用 = 10 美元/件
  • 手续费 = 高级会员 2.25 美元/包裹,免费账户 3.25 美元/包裹
  • 关税和税款(包裹到达俄罗斯后支付)


  • 危险品费用 = DHL 50 美元/包裹,UPS 95 美元/包裹
  • 手续费 = 高级会员 2.25 美元/包裹,免费账户 3.25 美元/包裹
  • 关税和税款(在包裹到达您的国家/地区后支付)

Yes. The limit is 500 ML and max weight of 30 kg per package, and you can ship as many bottles as long as your package is under the limit 500 ML and 30 kg per package.
Remember: When filling out your customs form, you will need to check the Potential Dangerous Goods box and properly declare the perfume and the number of bottles. Watch this video for more information.

When you are shipping perfume/cologne, you will need to fill out a customs form, and check "Potential Dangerous Goods". This screenshot will give you an idea how to fill out customs declaration correctly.

  • Individual perfume or cologne bottles cannot contain more than 500ml per package.
  • Maximum weight per package of 30kg.
  • Aerosols like body sprays can ship as long as you declare.

Anytime you're shipping packages you will need to fill out a customs form, this screenshot will help to fill out the customs declaration when you are shipping a perfume/cologne.



  1. 电池类型(如下图所示)
  2. 国家限制,您可以访问此处以了解更多信息。
  3. 您选择的运输商,可以在此问题下方找到。

PI965 - 散装电池 - 不允许
  • 由于IATA,FAA和TSA的规定,Shipito无法运送散装锂离子电池
PI966 - 装置在设备中的电池 - 允许 (运输商限制适用)
示例:电话 + 手机电池
  • 需要坚固的外包装以防止电池受损或受压,内包装必须放置在坚固,牢靠的外包装中。
PI967 - 设备中包含的电池 - 允许使用(运输商限制适用)



  • 如果每个包裹有3件或更多物品,将需要MSDS
  • 每个包裹内有2件或更少物品,不需要MSDS

  • Australia Post & Sagawa: 允许使用PI966和PI967电池。
  • 每个包裹3件或更多物品,将需要MSDS

    USPS-Priority Mail International:仅允许P1967 (必须安装在设备中)
  • 物品数量限制:每个包裹中含电池物品2件

  • Shipito Priority Parcel:不能运输锂电池。
    Shipito Asia Direct:不能运输锂电池。
    材料安全数据表(MSDS)是包含有潜在危害产品信息的文档。 许多产品,尤其是电子产品,在运输时会产生影响健康,造成火灾,或含有反应性或环境风险的化合物。 锂离子电池或含有特定化学品的产品通常需要MSDS。

    您可以在网络搜索获得MSDS表格; 在搜索时输入物品名称 +型号+ MSDS.

    例如: "iPhone 7 MSDS"

    如果您无法在网络上找到,只需联系卖家即可获取此表格。 您需要使用“提供信息”选项将此已完成的表单上传到您的Shipito帐户。


    根据您选择的运输公司,如果您的包裹中含有电池,可能还需要其他信息。 “提供信息”选项(如下所示)将为您提供包裹所需的文档列表。


    If you want to ship products with lithium batteries with Shipito, you have to mark one of the options (or both) on your customs declaration form.

    Please, watch this video to learn how to fill out the customs declaration form.


    是的,但首先您需要在“帐户设置 - >帐户偏好项”下更改帐户设置,以更改处理杂志和信件的偏好。 在我们处理您的信件之前,我们需要您将经过公证的1583表格邮寄到我们的办公室。

    每当我们收到信件或杂志时,我们都会立即通过Shipito Airmail(与USPS的First Class邮件相当的廉价邮寄服务)将其转发给您。您的帐户必须有足够的存款,否则我们将无法立即发送包裹。传入的包裹必须清晰可辨为杂志(不可隐藏在信封中)。