Customs, Duties, and GST

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Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing is generally required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for U.S. exports that contain a single commodity's value exceeding $2,500 USD.

If the value of your item does exceed $2,500 USD, we can only ship DHL or FedEx due to import and export regulations

Formerly known as Shipper's Export Declaration (SED), the EEI is filed electronically by one of two ways:

1. You do it yourself. (Please find the links below to help you complete the EEI form.)
FedEx EEI Infomation
UPS EEI Infomation

2. Shipito on your behalf. We do charge a $40 USD fee.
Step 1:
After you login, select the "Packages In Warehouse" tab on the top left.

If the customs declaration for the package is not filled out, you will see the following (as shown below) on the side of each of your packages.

Step 2

A new window with the Customs Declaration form will pop up.
It will look like this

You will not avoid possible duties and taxes by selecting GIFT.
You must indicate if the package contains batteries or dangerous goods.

The following countries do not allow used items to be imported:

South Africa

The option you declare is ultimately up to you. If you received the item as a gift or are sending the item to a recipient as a gift, you would mark "gift" on the customs declaration. In all other cases, you would select "merchandise."
If you received an item for free, you must still declare a value for the item. The minimum amount required for the declaring an item is $1 USD. If you received the item as a gift, you would declare the retail value.
Yes, the value must be in United States Dollars (USD).
Yes, you are financially responsible for any duties and/or taxes incurred. We suggest that you contact your local customs office for more information as duties and taxes are dependent on the destination, provenance and value of items shipped. These regulations are subject to change at any time.

Yes, you are responsible for paying all customs clearance, duties or taxes. These can be paid in one of two ways:

  • Pay directly: Contact the package courier directly to pay.
  • Pay COD: If you would like to pay upon delivery, contact Shipito 2-3 days before your package arrives and provide us with the courier's name, amount due and the tracking number. Lastly, please deposit sufficient funds into your account to complete the COD payment.

If you have not paid duties and taxes in advance or you don't have enough funds in your account to cover charges, packages are subject to refusal and may be returned to sender.

Yes, you must fill out your customs declaration form for each package shipped to us regardless of where it is shipping. Your customs is not only used for international clearance processing, but it's also the amount used for insurance purposes.

Australia GST

Beginning July 1, 2018 Australia will charge consumers and businesses a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all items imported into Australia.

Australian consumers are now required to pay the 10% GST tax on “low-value” items purchased from international retailers and valued at $1,000 AUD or less. Shipito collects the GST tax on these purchases and remits directly to the Australian government on your behalf. The GST tax is calculated based on the value of the items you are shipping, plus any Shipito service fees and shipping charges.
For any purchased valued at $1,000 AUD or greater

  • Shipito will NOT collect GST and you are required to remit payment directly to the Australian Taxation Office.

  • For any purchased valued at $1,000 AUD or less

  • If you have an ABN (Australian Business Number) on file with Shipito, you will not have to pay the taxes at mail out but can submit the fees to the Australian Government with your regular quarterly tax payment.

  • If you DON'T have an ABN (Australian Business Number) on file with Shipito, postage and processing fees will be assessed a 10% GST at the time of shipping.

  • 10% Fee (paid to the Australian government on the value of items being imported)
    1/11 Fee (for services) + 1/11 Fee (for insurance) + 1/11 Fee (of the shipping cost)

    Important Note: Due to the separation of content value and shipping, you will see 2 separate GST fees when you mail out your package
    1. Login to your account
    2. Go to "My Account"
    3. Select "Modify Address Book"
    4. Enter ABN in the Tax ID space. You must have the ABN listed for each address you ship to
    Consolidation, Insurance, Oversized Package and Shipping costs.

    China:Duties, Taxes, and Import Limits

    Chinese Customs assesses duties and taxes on the entire value of your package.
    You will pay duties and taxes to the Chinese government upon package delivery.

    The import limit for a personal shipment with more than one item in the package is 1,000CNY. Items valued at greater than 1,000CNY with multiple items in the box must clear as commercial import. Items with a value greater than 1,000CYN and declared as personal use will be returned to the US if the package contains more than one item. If the shipment has only one item, there is no value limit, however Chinese customs reserves the right to approve the importation of a package or deny and return to the US regardless of whether it has 1 item or many in the box.

    If you are importing items valued at 20,000 CYN or more per year, then all shipments must be cleared as a commercial import.

    New Zealand GST