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שאלות ותשובות

No, there is no sign-up fee, and no credit card required at sign up. We offer a Free Account and a Premium Membership can be purchased monthly or annual. If you select our Premium Membership, we do not charge membership fees until your first shipped package or assisted purchase. The Premium Membership is $10 USD a month or just $60 USD annually.
Immediately after completion of signup and email verification. Simply use your new Shipito address when checking out at any online retailer and send your first package our way.
The form is required by the USPS (United States Postal Service) for all letters, magazines, and newspapers, that require forwarding.

  • The form must be completely filled out and signed by you, with signature notarized by public notary. Also, Send the original together with 2 forms of I.D. For example, driver license and passport.

  • Mail the form to:
    Shipito LLC,
    3501 Jack Northrop Ave,
    Hawthorne, CA 90250 USA

    Download form 1583 for our Hawthorne Warehouse (PDF)
    Download form 1583 for our TualatinWarehouse (PDF)

    Need instructions? Click here

    You will be given a unique suite number, which can be used in any of our warehouses.

    With a Free Account, your default address is our California warehouse which offers 7 day package storage duration. You may also ship to our warehouse in Austria.

    If you choose a Premium Membership, your will be given a default address in our sales tax free Oregon warehouse. However, you may choose to ship to any of our warehouses. As a Premium Member you will also receive 45 or 60 days of storage at any warehouse.*

    *Storage depends on your Membership Level
    Customs in some countries, require a Tax ID to be printed on the commercial invoice of a package. A warning will be displayed on your account when selecting a shipping method for the package if a Tax ID is required. The Tax ID needed may be your personal Tax ID or your business Tax ID depending on your country's requirements.

    To enter your Tax ID to your profile, please follow the steps:

    1. Login to your account
    2. Select "My Membership"
    3. Select "Modify Address Book"
    4. Edit your current address OR “Add New Address”
    5. You will see the option to enter TAX ID on the bottom right corner.
    Below you will find a screenshot of a typical checkout screen and how to enter your unique Shipito U.S. address. If you have a question about using your Shipito address on a retailer's site, please submit a support ticket through your Shipito account and our agents will be happy to assist you.

    We do not provide a domestic U.S. phone number, but you can create your own. Below you'll find some recommendations of where you can obtain a U.S. phone number:

    Shipito provides your very own U.S. address with a unique suite number. You can purchase from online retailers around the world and ship to over 220 countries and territories. If you are unable to ship to our warehouse, or if your order is canceled by the retailer and they tell you that that they will not ship to us, please contact us.

    We also offer a very convenient Assisted Purchase program where we can shop on U.S. websites for you.

    U.S. State sales tax depends on the retailer you order from and the warehouse you ship to. Our Tualatin, Oregon warehouse is completely sales tax free because the state of Oregon does not charge U.S. sales tax. You will pay taxes for the state you are shipping to when you purchase the item. You will pay your countires taxes when the item arrives in your country.
    מהו משקל ממדי (DIM)?
    לקבלת מידע מדויק ביותר, עיינו בדף 'שיטות משלוח'.
    Yes, there is a heavy package surcharges applied to any packages 30 lbs or heavier.

    Heavy Package Surcharge
    • Over 30 pounds – $10
    • Over 70 pounds – $20
    • Over 100 pounds – $30
    • Over 150 pounds – $50

      • כמה זמן ניתן לאחסן את החבילה שלי במחסן?
        האם אני או מישהו שאני מייעד/ת יכול/ה לאסוף את החבילה שלי באופן אישי ממחסן שיפיטו? כיצד ניתן לעשות זאת?
        החבילה שלי "סופקה למחסן", אבל היא לא מופיעה בחשבון שלי. היכן החבילה שלי?
        מה קורה אם שכחתי את מספר הסוויטה שלי בעת ההזמנה עם הכתובת שלי בארה"ב, באינטרנט?
        חברת השילוח, אמרה שאינה יכולה לספק את החבילה שלי. מה קרה?
        האם תודיעו לי לאחר שהחבילה שלי תגיע למחסן שלכם?
        מה עלי לעשות לאחר קבלת החבילה שלי במחסן?
        כן, עיינו ברשימת פריטים אסורים ומוגבלים. הערה חשובה: רשימה זו אינה מקיפה וההגבלות משתנות כל הזמן. אנו נעשה כמיטב יכולתנו לעדכן דף זה כאשר נקבל הודעות מהספק שלנו, אך בסופו של דבר אתם אחראים לכך שהפריטים שתרכשו עומדים בכל ההגבלות של הממשלה והמובילים. לפעמים,נית ןלקנות בארה"ב, אבל לא חוקי לשלוח למדינה שלכם. בדקו עם שירות הלקוחות אם יש לכם שאלה לגבי פריטים אסורים או מוגבלים.
        הקמעונאי שלח לי חבילות רבות, למרות שביצעתי רק הזמנה אחת. האם אתם תחייבו אותי עבור כל חבילה בנפרד?
    רשימת פריטים אסורים
    הבינו את חשבונכם והכירו את אפשרויות החברות.
    Your password must:

    be at least 8 characters long
    contain a lowercase letter
    contain an uppercase letter
    contain a number or special character

    היכן ניתן למצוא את כתובת ה-שיפיטו שלי?
    היכן מנהלים את כתובת החיוב וכתובות המשלוח שלי?
    כיצד אוכל לשנות את תכנית החברות שלי בחשבון?
    האם ניתן לקבל חבילות בשם אחר?
    1. To open a support ticket, please login to your Shipito account and select “My Account” then select “Support Tickets”.

    2. Then select “Open a New Support Ticket”.

    3. Please select the option that best describes your concerns then type your message to us in the text box that appears.

    Once the ticket is submitted, a customer support agent will review your message and respond to you in 1-2 business days.

    Follow step one outlined in the “How do I open a support ticket?” question above. Below “Open a New Support Ticket”, you will see all of your current and past support tickets listed in chronological order, with the newest ticket at the top. To respond to a ticket, select “View Details” and type your response in the window that appears.
    מדוע החשבון שלי בהמתנה?
    כיצד ניתן לבטל את חשבוני?
    To change your default Shipito address:

    1. Login to your account
    2. Go to "My Account"
    3. Select "Modify Address Book"

    מספר מעקב של ספק השילוח
    עדכוני מעקב
    Shipping Methods
    קבלו הוראות לדרישות מכס או לטופס EEI.
    אוסטרליה GST
    למדו עוד אודות השירותים הזמינים עבור המשלוחים שלכם.
    באילו אמצעי תשלום או מטבעות מקומיים, שיפיטו תומכת?
    3D Security
    Boleto - Brazilian Payment Method
    דווח על חבילה שאבדה, נגנבה או נפגמה.
    תגובת הונאה
    הצטרפו לתוכנית השותפים של Shipito ולמדו כיצד להרוויח כסף עבור כל חבר חדש שהפנתם!
    To sign up for the Affiliate Program:

    1. Login to your Shipito Account, if you don't already have one you will need to create that first.

    2. Go to the My Account

    3. Scroll down to "Register for an affiliate account"

    4. Click "Create My Affiliate Account"

    5. You will now be able to see your affiliate link under "Affiliate Home"

    6. Copy that link and start sharing it anywhere you think people will use it

    Earning money with the Shipito Affiliate Program is easy. When you sign-up for the program you will be given a URL which includes your affiliate ID. Share this URL as a hot link on your website, social media, blog or wherever you plan to promote Shipito. When your followers click on the link, and sign up for a Shipito account they will be credited to you account. Once they ship a package you will earn 10% of the shipping fees. As that customer ships more packages you will receive additional money at certain intervals. To learn more click HERE.
    When you sign up for our affiliate program you can use links with an affiliate ID or register your domain name in your affiliate account. When you register your domain name we have to be able to verify your ownership through WHOIS. You cannot hide your identity with privacy settings. Once you register your domain name our database will monitor every referral from your website and it will stay in our database for 60 days. If the customer makes the registration within 60 days it will be counted towards your affiliate commission.
    No, unless you get a written prior approval from Shipito.
    NO. Do not create a Shipito website. We do not allow using SHIPITO name in any URL or domain name without written prior approval from us. We also do not allow using the Shipito logo without our written approval.
    Your affiliate commissions can be paid out to a PayPal account or transfer funds to your Shipito account. Just select the option you want when logged into your affiliate account. It takes 7 - 10 business days to process affiliate payments. The minimum amount that can be requested for payment or transfer is $20 USD.
    אודות תוכנית התמלוגים של שיפיטו
    להרוויח נקודות מתמלוגים
    הטבות חברי נקודות תגמול