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You'll save money over other services because Shipito has the most shipping options into Aruba. Customers in Aruba love that their US address with Shipito allows them to get great deals on electronics, clothes, make-up, auto accessories, cellphones, perfume and more! Customers in Aruba that choose a premium account can also get access to our US sales tax free warehouse in Oregon. This is additional savings on purchases as you don't pay US sales tax on purchases from US websites.

Simply use your Shipito address as your mailing address whenever you buy items on US websites. Have your items shipped to Shipito and we will notify you when your items arrive. Then log in the Shipito website, fill out the US customs form, select a carrier and pay to ship your items to Aruba.

Duties and Taxes

Each country has different rules for import limits and taxes. Please check with your customs office for specific rules and limits on personal imports.

Does Shipito offer fast shipping to Aruba?

Shop in the US. Send your purchases to your free US address at Shipito. Log in, fill out your customs form and select the carrier you wish to use to ship to your home or business.

Be sure to properly declare you items for the fastest processing through customs. Customers can also make a special request to have pictures taken of their items in the box upon arrival so they can inspect the item to ensure its what they ordered or to survey for damage.

We offer many fast shipping options from the US to Aruba, including exclusive Shipito carriers. No other service gives you more choices when shipping packages from the US to Aruba!

With your Shipito account you can purchase the latest shoes, clothes, fashions, electronics, make-up, automotive parts or anything else you need from US websites.

How long does it take to ship from the US to Aruba?

Shop in the US and ship to Aruba in as little as 2-5 business days!

Shipping options and delivery time

Shipping Methods
Delivery Time
USPS First Class International Parcel
FedEx Intl Economy Freight
6-12 business days
Airmail Economy
20-45 business days (Brazil may take up to 120 business days)
DHL Express
2-4 business days
FedEx Economy
3-6 business days
FedEx Priority
2-4 business days
Airmail Priority
20-40 business days
USPS® Express Mail
6-10 business days
USPS® Priority Mail
10-15 business days
Shipito Priority Parcel
5-12 business days

Service just for you

Yes, at Shipito we have customer service representatives ready to help you in Russian, English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Czech, and Chinese. We can answer any questions you might have about how long it will take your package to ship from the US to Aruba, how many US goods you can ship, what import taxes you may need to pay when shipping from the US to Aruba, what is legal to ship to Aruba, and more.

It's cheap and easy to ship perfume or cologne to Aruba for gifts or personal use with Shipito. This service is available in most countries via FedEx or DHL. Please check our Perfume page for specifics on your country.

Cellphones and electronics with lithium batteries installed in the device can ship to most countries. Check our Prohibited and Limited page for the latest requirements for Aruba.

Shipito offers very economical ways to ship sports shoes, clothes, and all the latest fashions to Aruba, including brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, Reebok, ASOS, Fabletics and more.

Over one million packages shipped since 2009.

Shipito customer reviews

"Thank you, appreciate the attention to detail in packaging and overall care! " George Romania Sep 10, 2019
"Great service, I’m very happy how this parcel turned up at my end, none of the books I got you to ship to me got damaged in anyway. I will used Shipito again soon" Cameron Australia Jul 09, 2019
"Great consolidation packaging and super fast delivery. Thank you very much!" Anastasia Russia Sep 24, 2019

Can I use Shipito to buy from US retailers and ship packages to Aruba?

Signing up for a Shipito address is easy. Just fill in your name, country, email, and password on the signup form and hit submit. You will be sent an email asking you to verify your account. Once verified, you will receive a Shipito Address and you can start shopping.

Next, go to any shopping site you prefer, like Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. Purchase the items you want and when you check-out, enter your new Shipito address and suite number as the shipping address.

Items shipped to our Hawthorne, California Warehouse are subject to US Sales Tax. However, if you register for a Premium Membership, you'll have access to our Tualatin, Oregon Warehouse. Because of Oregon state law, packages shipped to this warehouse are exempt from US Sales Tax.

How much does it cost to ship from the US to Aruba?

Shipping costs from the US to Aruba are mostly dependent on the carrier, service, weight, and size of your package. For example, shipping a small 1lb package from the US to Aruba may cost as little as $10 USD. Larger packages will generally cost more, but Shipito has many options for shipping to Aruba depending on your budget and timeline.

To determine the approximate cost of shipping a package from the US to Aruba, please enter the information below in our shipping calculator. Processing fees, duties, and taxes will be additional to the shipping price given.

Shipping rate calculator

For more information about our different warehouses, please check out our locations page to find the warehouse that best suits your needs.

California USA

Lowest shipping rates and fastest shipping time. Short term storage.

Oregon USA

No sales tax. More storage space compared to California.

Rastenfeld Austria

For all your purchases in Europe. Fast shipping and direct connections from Vienna International (VIE) Airport.


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