Happy International Women’s Day March 8!



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Women’s Day

At Shipito we bring hard to get items from the US to your door. So in a way we are bringing equality not only to women but the world. #EachforEqual An equal world is an enabled world!

  • How can I buy items from the US websites?

With a Shipito free US address, you can shop US website and ship within the US. Then when your package arrives at Shipito, you fill out your customs form and ship to your home.

  • What happens if the website won’t accept my credit card?

We suggest you pay with PayPal whenever possible. We also offer Assisted Purchase services where we will purchase the item for you.

  • What are the best websites to shop?

Amazon is a sponsor of International Women’s Day and will most likely have special deals. With a free Shipito account, you will be able to shop on the US Amazon site and buy exactly what you want. Amazon in many cases ships to Shipito for free with a Prime account.

  • What is your next question?

Yes, with a free Shipito account you can buy from Amazon, Macy’s, Ralph Lauren, Kylie Cosmetics and more. Then when your packages arrive at Shipito, you can combine the packages into one and ship it to your home.

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Whether it’s the latest cellphone, computer or business suit, Shipito can help you get the items you need to free you from feeling like you are being held back. With a Shipito account the world is yours!
  • First you shop.
  • Then we will ship it to you! Shipito!

*NOTE: Some websites only ship to Tualatin, Oregon warehouse or need Assisted Purchase services

An equal world is an enabled world

An equal world is an enabled world

We look forward to providing you excellent service!

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