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Black Friday, November 24 - Cyber Monday, November 27
  • The Biggest Sales
  • The Best Deals
  • It only happens once a year!
  • What is Black Friday?

This is the day US Retailers and websites offer some of their best deals for holiday shopping. Check out the deals available .

  • What is Cyber Monday?

Many US websites have incredible sales with discounts as high as 90% just for this day.

  • When is this?

Black Friday happens on November 24 and Cyber Monday is November 27. Special Deals will happen every day between November 24 and November 27. Sometimes websites show a different deal every hour, so if you see a good deal, purchase right away before the sale ends!

  • How can I shop US websites?

Sign up for Shipito and receive a US address which you can use for delivery of all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases. Once your items arrive at our warehouse, Shipito can have them shipped right to your front door!

  • I don’t have a US credit card, or the retailer won’t deliver to my Shipito address - how can I shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Shipito offers our customers the Assisted Purchase service, but it’s important you plan ahead! If this is your first Assisted Purchase, you must add a verified payment method to your account by Friday, November 17 in order to take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Verified payment methods include credit cards, Bitcoin, and wire transfers. For faster processing, we recommend you submit your Assisted Purchase requests by Thursday, November 23. To learn more about Shipito’s Assisted Purchase service click here. *Be attentive to notifications and messages from us after placing an Assisted Purchase request.

  • The Biggest Sales
  • The Best Deals
  • It only happens once a year!

With a Shipito Address You Can Shop Amazon Black Friday!

As a Shipito customer you will have access to warehouses in the US and Austria allowing you to shop US and EU Amazon websites. In addition, every US retailer website will have Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Use the links below to check for the deals. Shopping early? Check out this preview site for upcoming deals.

*NOTE: Some websites only ship to Tualatin, Oregon warehouse or need Assisted Purchase services

We look forward to providing you excellent service!

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Tax-free shipping in the US

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