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Use Your US Address at Popular Retailers

Use Your US Address at Popular Retailers
Online Shopping

Use Your US Address at Popular Retailers

Published Jan 28, 2021

Get access to a US-address instantly with Shipito

Have you ever found something from an online retailer but decided not to go through with buying the item because of costly shipping fees? What about the time you really wanted that hard-to-find pair of shoes, but you lived overseas, and the company only shipped in the USA?

Chances are, like many frustrated online shoppers, you simply abandoned the items in your cart. Thanks to the steady growth of online retail shopping, package forwarding companies like Shipito offer better delivery options to individuals across the globe. When you sign up for a free Shipito account, you get access to a US-address instantly.

What Is Package Forwarding?

Freight forwarding, parcel forwarding, and re-shipping are some of the many names that also refer to Package Forwarding. The service was designed to allow consumers to receive packages to a designated USA Address or shipment facility. From there, the parcel is then forwarded to the destination address domestically or internationally.

This service is particularly useful when a person is looking to make an overseas online purchase but is looking to avoid costly international shipping fees.

Why Do I Need a US Shipping Address?

You need to have your own US shipping address because, not all US-based stores ship products internationally. This severely limits the number of stores that you can shop from. Having a unique US shipping address that you can ship your packages to is the first step in shipping internationally. You can then partner with a package forwarding company to have the package(s) shipped right to your doorstep. No matter what country you may live in.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Package Forwarding Service

Undeniably, online shopping comes with a few hurdles. More often than not, these issues manifest themselves in the form of international shipping options. In this regard, signing up for a Shipito account has proven to be an amazing alternative for lots of international online shoppers.

But with the growing number of international shipping companies, how do you choose which one to work with? Doing ample research to ascertain a company’s credibility is important. These are some of the key aspects to look into when researching a forwarding service.

Check the Package Forwarder Reviews

These days, no company is without a social media account. Facebook is one of the most used platforms for many businesses. Browse their page and go through the reviews section to see what previous customers have written about the company and the quality of service they received. Similarly, you can peruse popular browsers like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for the company’s website and look into reviews left on there by satisfied customers.

Time and again, Shipito has proven to be the number one package forwarding service in terms of customer service, cost, and speed. We pride ourselves in providing an unmatched service that supports millions of international shipments worldwide. You can read some of our reviews here.

Make Sure the Package Forwarding Service Has a History

Look into the company’s history. Check how long they have been in business for. Do they have recognition, certification, and other documents that could show their milestones? It may appear insignificant, but it can provide you with a good insight into what the company can or cannot provide you with.

Since 2008, Shipito has provided package forwarding services to customers around the globe. Our parent company, Global Access, has provided business shipping solutions since 2002. We have a long-established shipping history.

What Is Customer Support Like?

When researching package forwarding companies, it is vital that you can reach them directly. This allows you to make inquiries about the services and also shows the extent of customer support they are willing to provide their customers. For obvious reasons, having accessible customer service options can give you peace of mind, even more so when the company offers multiple channels such as online chat, over the phone support, Facebook messenger, and email correspondence.

With Shipito, you get access to our customer support team through a multilingual customer service team dedicated to your needs. You can reach out to us through chat, email, phone, or our ticketing system 24/7.

What Are the Payment Modes and Are They Secure?

A quick way to determine if a company is fraudulent is by checking up on their website’s payment methods and security setup. Because personal information can be used for fraudulent activities, it is important that any website you are purchasing something from has a proper SSL certificate in place. The use of a reliable payment platform option like PayPal is also a good indicator.

When you ship with Shipito, you can rest assured knowing your payment is fully secure. Whether you are using a credit card, PayPal, or even Bitcoin, we keep your information private with 3rd party encryption and state-of-the-art fraud detection.

Do They Claim to Be the Cheapest International Forwarder?

For a lot of people, claims of low rates can be a red flag. To be fair, lots of companies offer competitive rates. However, there is a difference in affordable shipping services and one that is so low it's too good to be true. Be wary of a company that markets unbelievably low prices. Look into all the details of the company services, how their fees are structured, and why they are able to offer extremely affordable rates.

With Shipito, you will get the best value for your money. Our rates are very competitive, and our shipping speeds are fast. We have many added services, including tracking and insurance that other companies fail to provide. Rest assured knowing your package will arrive safely and on time.

To Wrap It All Up

In general, package forwarding is a very safe and reliable alternative to shipping your goods from international sellers. The industry has been around for decades and has allowed countless consumers and businesses overseas to receive their internationally purchased goods.

If an online retailer isn’t accepting a foreign address, you can use your Shipito USA address for your parcel forwarding needs. Additionally, we can help you buy anything from anywhere and then have those items delivered directly to your doorstep with our Assisted Purchase service.

With shipping costs extraordinarily high for most international transactions, using Shipito for your international shipping needs is the smart thing to do. By consolidating your online purchases, you can save up to 80% on your shipping costs. This can help you save money on shipping.

Take the stress away from shopping internationally by signing up for a Shipito account today. Enjoy smooth and hassle-free shipping, excellent customer service, and unbeatable rates.

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