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Prime Day 2021: Amazon's Best Deals Are Just Around the Corner!

Prime Day 2021: Amazon's Best Deals Are Just Around the Corner!
Online Shopping

Prime Day 2021: Amazon's Best Deals Are Just Around the Corner!

Published Jun 09, 2021

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If you’re a deal seeker like most international shopping enthusiasts worldwide, Amazon is the perfect platform for you. You don’t even have to live in the US to enjoy this online shopping holiday. International shoppers can take their online experience to the next level with Amazon Prime — a paid subscription program providing domestic and international clients with additional services and perks. Most customers look forward to Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest annual online shopping events available exclusively for members.

Read on to learn more about this exciting affair. No matter where you are in the world, you can be part of it. You won’t want to miss out on this year’s extraordinary deals! Taking place June 21-22, this year is set to have the most exciting deals yet.

But first, make sure to sign up for a Shipito account so you are ready to use your US-address to checkout when you find the perfect items. Better yet, you can buy as many items as you want and use our consolidation services to ship them in one box to save a lot of money on shipping costs.

The History of Amazon Prime Day

If you haven’t heard of Amazon Prime Day yet, it’s an exclusive event for Amazon Prime’s over 200 million members worldwide. Amazon Prime members can enjoy the lowest prices for the year on in-house products and other leading brands during this occasion.

Amazon Prime Day debuted in 2015 as a one-day shopping event. Over the years, it kept getting bigger and better. Despite a global pandemic in 2020, retailers sold a record-breaking $10.4 billion worth of products and services in 48 hours. This figure shows a 45.2% increase in sales versus its 2019 counterpart.

Today, it has become a two-day affair with an extensive range of participating brands. It’s one of the most celebrated shopping events of the year, apart from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

E-commerce giant Amazon has announced the dates of Amazon Prime Day 2021. The much-awaited event will happen on June 21 – 22 this year, guaranteeing millions of deals and offers on Amazon’s ever-growing list of products and services.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals

Amazon has announced some of the in-house discounts, bank credit promos, and top deals ahead of its two-day event. The retail giant pulled out all the stops this year to keep their subscribers satisfied. You’ll come across some of the most exceptional deals available online on these dates.

In addition to amazing discounts on electronics, clothes, cosmetics, and more, Amazon is throwing in some additional benefits:

  • Amazon Music Unlimited: New members who have not tried this service can get it for free for four months. Amazon Music Unlimited offers its members millions of songs and podcast episodes without ads.
  • Audible Premium Plus: Subscribers can get this service for a discounted rate of $6.95 monthly for four months instead of the usual $14.95. Those who purchase this deal will also get a free audiobook monthly, including new releases and best sellers.
  • Wondery+: Similar to the Audible Premium Plus offer, subscribers can enjoy four months of ad-free access to this service. Wondery is home to top-notch podcasts like American Scandal, Imagined Life, and Sports Wars.

Amazon has also announced how to get bank credits ahead of the event.

  • Spend $10 on small businesses to get $10 worth of credits for Amazon Prime Day.
  • Enjoy the spend $10, get $10 cashback promo for small business purchases through Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or Amazon Prime Store Card.
  • Use the code GIFTFORPD21 to get an additional $10 credit for a $40 Amazon Gift Card purchase.

Plus, you’ll also find the best prices on your favorite home, sports, beauty, baby, and office products on Amazon Prime Day 2021. Mark your calendar for one of the biggest shopping events of the year!

Amazon Prime Day vs Black Friday

Many people ask if Amazon Prime Day deals are better than Black Friday ones. The answer lies in the items you want to buy.

Keep in mind that Amazon Prime Day is a branded event, meaning you will get the best deals on Amazon products here. You will likely find the lowest prices on Amazon speakers, Fire TVs, and Kindles during this two-day affair.

On the other hand, no brand can claim ownership of Black Friday. More retailers will likely participate in this event than on Amazon Prime Day. However, dozens of major brands still create irresistible offers for consumers for Amazon Prime Day.

Last year, participants enjoyed massive savings on products like Apple AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20s, and Roku Premiere 4K Media Streamers. Retailers don’t disappoint subscribers during this shopping adventure.

How To Join the Event

Your unforgettable shopping experience begins with an Amazon account. You need to create one to activate your Amazon Prime membership.

As a first-time subscriber, you can enjoy a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial. Afterward, you have to pay monthly membership fees. You can opt for an outright monthly $13 subscription or an annual $119 one.

Aside from Amazon Prime Day access, you can enjoy various shipping, streaming, and reading benefits.

  • Free shipping to eligible addresses
  • Free access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading, and Amazon Photos
  • Exclusive member deals
  • Membership sharing for two adults living at the same address

Once you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can join Amazon Prime Day. Non-members cannot enjoy the exclusive Amazon Prime Day deals.

It’s best to download the Amazon app for the occasion. Through the app, you can receive alerts on your favorite promos.

Make The Most Out of Amazon Prime Day Deals

Last year, Amazon Prime members from only 20 out of 195 countries participated in the event, including the US, Mexico, and the UK. If location limitations hinder you from joining Amazon Prime Day, you need reliable package forwarding services on your side.

With a trustworthy international package forwarding company like Shipito, you can enjoy massive savings on Amazon deals and international shipping fees from anywhere in the world with a few uncomplicated steps.

  1. Create a Shipito account.
  2. Use your provided US shipping address at checkout.
  3. Place as many Amazon Prime Day orders as you want.
  4. Gather your orders in one container instead of shipping each order to your home address individually.
  5. Pay one shipping fee to transport your items.

It really is that easy. Now that you have all the information you need, you are all set up for a successful Amazon Prime Day. If you have any questions or want more information, reach out to us, follow us on social media, or check out our YouTube channel.

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