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New Year, New CA Warehouse

New Year, New CA Warehouse
Company News

New Year, New CA Warehouse

Published Feb 04, 2021

We’re excited to announce a new California warehouse location!

We have some exciting news to share! Our business has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, and we’ve outgrown our Hawthorne, California warehouse. As a result, Shipito will be moving into a new, larger warehouse in the Los Angeles, California area with 25% more space on April 1, 2021. We’re confident that this additional space will allow us to offer you an even greater level of service.

We’re still a couple months away from the move, but as an important member of the Shipito family, we wanted to give you a heads up. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will provide more information about the new California warehouse. Until then, you may continue using your Hawthorne, California warehouse address while shopping online.

Below, you can find some frequently asked questions about our new warehouse and details on what to expect. As always, check your inbox for the latest information.

Q: What is happening with Shipito’s Hawthorne, California warehouse?
A: Shipito is closing the Hawthorne warehouse and moving to a larger warehouse in Torrance, California.

Q: Why is Shipito moving warehouses?
A: The Shipito business has grown rapidly over the past few years and we are running out of space in our Hawthorne warehouse. The new Torrance warehouse adds an extra 25% in storage capacity to keep up with this growth.

Q: When is this move happening?
A: We will open the Torrance warehouse for operations on April 1, 2021.

Q: When will I get my new Torrance warehouse address?
A: We will send an email in mid-March with your new Torrance warehouse address.

Q: When can I start using my Torrance warehouse address?
A: You should start using your new Torrance warehouse address as soon as you receive the email in mid-March.

Q: What happens if a package is shipped to the Hawthorne warehouse after April 1?
A: We will have a small crew collecting packages from the Hawthorne warehouse throughout the month of April and transporting them to the Torrance warehouse. To eliminate delays, we strongly encourage you to start using your new Torrance address as soon as you receive it.

Q: Is anything changing with the Tualatin, Oregon warehouse?
A: No, nothing is changing with our Tualatin, Oregon warehouse. You may continue using your Tualatin warehouse address for sales tax-free shopping at US retailers like you always have.

Please check your email for updates regarding the move. Thank you for growing with us!

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