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How Package Forwarding Services Simplify International Shipping

How Package Forwarding Services Simplify International Shipping
Online Shopping

How Package Forwarding Services Simplify International Shipping

Published Mar 19, 2024

Easily Shop and Ship Internationally!

Have you ever stumbled upon the perfect item while browsing an online store only to find your excitement dampened by the words “We do not ship internationally”? Or perhaps you’ve been deterred by shipping fees that seem to rival the cost of the product itself? You’re not alone. This common frustration among online shoppers worldwide often leads to the abandonment of shopping carts, leaving many to wonder if there’s a workaround to these international shopping barriers.

Enter parcel forwarding services — a game-changer for global shoppers. These services not only make it possible to shop from anywhere in the world but also offer a solution to the high costs and restrictions of international shipping. In this post, we’ll dive into how parcel forwarding works and why it might just be the key to unlocking a world of online shopping possibilities.

Understanding Parcel Forwarding Services

Parcel forwarding services act as a bridge between you and your international shopping desires, but what exactly are these services and how do they function? At its core, a parcel forwarding service provides you with a local address in the country where you’re shopping — for instance, the United States. This address allows you to shop online as if you were a local resident, enabling you to take advantage of domestic shipping rates and promotions that are otherwise inaccessible to international shoppers.

Once your items arrive at the parcel forwarding service’s local warehouse, they are prepared for international shipment to your actual address. This process often includes repackaging to ensure that your items are securely packed for their journey across borders and may also involve consolidating multiple purchases into a single package to save on shipping costs.

By using an international mail forwarding service, you’re essentially enjoying the benefits of local shopping, including access to products and deals not available in your country, without the hefty price tag of direct international shipping.

Why Choose Parcel Forwarding for Your International Shopping Needs?

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Navigating the world of international online shopping presents a unique set of challenges, from exorbitant shipping fees to outright shipping restrictions. This is where parcel forwarding services shine, offering a plethora of benefits that address these issues head-on.

Affordability stands out as a prime advantage. By consolidating purchases and utilizing local shipping addresses, shoppers can significantly cut down on shipping costs. Faster shipping times are another perk, as many parcel forwarding services have optimized logistics that expedite the international shipping process. Moreover, the flexibility in managing shipments allows you to control when and how your items are shipped, providing a tailored shipping experience that meets your specific needs.

One of the standout features of using a service like Shipito is the Assisted Purchase option. This feature is a boon for those instances when online retailers do not accept international credit cards or require a local billing address. Shipito’s Assisted Purchase service steps in to purchase on your behalf, ensuring that you never have to miss out on buying from your favorite stores due to payment restrictions.

How Shipito Enhances Your Online Shopping Experience

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Shipito emerges as a frontrunner in the parcel forwarding market, offering comprehensive solutions that make international shopping hassle-free. With warehouses strategically located in Oregon, California, Japan, and Austria, Shipito provides global shoppers with multiple options for efficient and cost-effective shipping. These locations are not arbitrarily chosen; each offers unique benefits, such as Oregon’s absence of sales tax, which can lead to direct savings on your purchases.

Shipito’s service is designed to simplify the shipping process from start to finish. Upon signing up, you’re given a free U.S. address to use when making online purchases. This address allows you to shop as if you were in the States, opening up a vast array of shopping opportunities previously unavailable to international customers. The process is straightforward: shop online, ship your purchases to your Shipito address, and then choose your preferred shipping method to have your items sent to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Shipito

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Getting started with Shipito is a breeze, designed to integrate seamlessly into your shopping routine. Here’s a quick guide to using Shipito for your international purchases:

  • Sign Up and Get Your Shipito Address: Sign up on Shipito’s website to receive a personal U.S. address. This address will be used for online shopping at U.S. stores.
  • Make Your Online Purchases: Shop from your favorite online retailers but use your Shipito address as the shipping address at checkout.
  • Choose Your Shipping Options: You can log into your Shipito account to select your preferred shipping method. Shipito offers a shipping calculator on the website, which allows you to estimate the cost of shipping beforehand.
  • Use Assisted Purchase if Needed: If you encounter a store that requires a U.S. credit card or billing address, Shipito’s Assisted Purchase feature can help.
  • Receive Your Package: You can track your shipment through your Shipito account, keeping you informed every step of the way until your purchase arrives at your doorstep.

By following these steps, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient international shopping experience, leveraging Shipito’s services to expand your shopping horizons and bypass traditional shipping barriers.

Maximizing Your Savings with Shipito

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Leveraging Shipito’s services can lead to significant savings on international shipping costs but knowing a few extra tips can enhance these savings even further. First, consider the power of package consolidation. Shipito allows you to combine multiple purchases into a single shipment, drastically reducing the cost compared to shipping items individually.

Another key strategy is to use Shipito’s shipping calculator to compare shipping options. Different carriers offer varying rates and delivery times, so selecting the right option based on your needs can lead to both savings and satisfaction. Additionally, keep an eye out for special promotions and rewards programs offered by Shipito. These can provide discounts on shipping costs or other benefits that make international shopping even more affordable.

Unlocking Global Shopping: Your Next Steps with Shipito

Facing the challenges of international online shopping can be a daunting task, with high shipping costs and logistical hurdles often standing in the way of accessing a broader range of products. However, Shipito’s parcel forwarding service turns these obstacles into opportunities, enabling shoppers worldwide to enjoy the benefits of global shopping without being burdened by exorbitant shipping fees.

If you’re ready to bypass these international shopping barriers, it’s time to explore what Shipito has to offer. Don’t let shipping restrictions limit your access to the products you love.

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