Information pour les Blogueurs

Information pour les Blogueurs

Information pour les Blogueurs

Publié Oct 21, 2020

Information pour les Blogueurs

If you have your own blog, then this information is for you. With Shipito, you can earn money with little effort. By announcing our service for the delivery of goods from the USA and Europe, you will earn money for each client brought to us.

Shipito is a reseller that delivers goods purchased in the United States or Europe. The principle is very simple. Millions of our customers successfully purchase goods in the American and European markets at competitive prices. For such purchases, they use our warehouses for further forwarding goods to Russia, since the stores do not carry out direct delivery.

Therefore, if you are a blogger or if you have your own website or your own audience who will be interested in overseas shopping or shopping purely in principle - then this information is for you!

Our affiliate program is very simple. In principle, you just need to register and advertise our service. After that, enjoy further benefits, namely:

  • 10% of the shipping cost for the first parcel sent by each client you brought to us;
  • $ 5 for the 5th parcel sent, $ 10 for the 10th parcel sent and $ 20 for the 20th parcel sent (for each client).

The payment earned can be sent to your PayPal, by bank transfer (but there is a commission) or as a deposit to your Shipito account. No participation or activation fee is required.

More information about the affiliate program can be found here: Shipito Affiliates

The quality of the service provided is very important for us, so you can safely trust us, we will not let your audience down.

Et maintenant un peu sur le shopping à l’étranger. Vous savez probablement que le prix d’un même article de marque diffère selon le pays dans lequel il est vendu. Ceci est influencé par de nombreux facteurs différents. Ainsi, par exemple, en achetant un article de marque sur un site américain et sur un site russe, vous remarquerez une différence significative. Nous en avons parlé en détail dans ceblog.

In addition, the number of stocks and real sales in the US is unmatched by any other country. If we are talking about stocks, then we mean the largest online stores offering products already at discounts. And these are not far-fetched discounts, but real discounts on UGG, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger and more. If we are talking about real sales, we mean sales that fall on holidays in the United States - this is Labor Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas sales, and more. For all these holidays, shops do sales.

Do not forget about the products that are purely from the USA. We are talking about cosmetic products such as Burts and bees - an absolute must-have. Almost all products of which are 99% natural. The advantages of the goods they produce are not even worth talking about.

In addition, overseas shopping is the absence of fakes, it is an opportunity to get goods from new collections first, an opportunity to get previously unavailable goods and so on.

We look forward to partnering with you. Write to us by e-mail or directly online on the site. We will answer any of your questions.

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