Assisted Purchases: Making Your Online Shopping Experience Easier

Assisted Purchases: Making Your Online Shopping Experience Easier

Assisted Purchases: Making Your Online Shopping Experience Easier

Published Nov 19, 2021

Shopping Frustrations? We Are Here to Help

If there is one thing we can take away from the past year and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that online shopping is here to stay — and it’s only going to get better.

More businesses, both big and small, are offering online shopping services. Some may have even chosen to close their brick-and-mortar shops and spend more time and energy focusing on improving their online stores.

As more and more people take to online shopping, it’s inevitable for you to come across certain difficulties. Maybe a store doesn’t deliver to your home, a seller won’t accept PayPal, or maybe you live outside the U.S. and the store neither delivers internationally nor accepts your mode of payment.

That’s where Shipito and our Assisted Purchase services come in. We can help with all of these problems and more!

How Assisted Purchase Can Make Your Life Easier

Shipito’s Assisted Purchase service has helped hundreds of thousands of people, both domestically and internationally purchase products they couldn’t otherwise buy.

Through our Assisted Purchase, we do all the shopping for you! Gone are the days when you are forced to abandon your shopping cart because of international hassles or online shopping difficulties.

Assisted Purchase can help you with the following common causes of shopping cart abandonment:

  • Complicated checkout processes. A long and extremely complicated checkout process can stretch your patience. Around 87% of online shoppers are willing to abandon carts if checking out takes too long. There are only so many reviews, verifications, pop-up ads, and other difficulties you can take, before deciding that the process isn’t worth it.
  • High taxes and shipping costs. Shopping from out of state can result in unexpected taxes and high shipping costs, especially if you’re shopping and shipping from one coast to another. Worst of all, taxes and shipping costs get exponentially higher for shoppers from other countries.
  • Lack of international shipping. Unfortunately, not all online stores offer international shipping. Smaller businesses are prone to this problem, making it harder for you to support small businesses or startups. More and more companies are starting to offer international shipping, but it often comes at an extremely high cost.
  • Limited payment options. Credit cards and PayPal are all great, but not everyone has them. International shoppers, especially, may use other e-wallet services that are not compatible with some U.S. online stores.

Once you sign up for a Shipito account and get verified successfully, we can start shopping online on your behalf and take care of all these problem for you.

Signing up for a Shipito account is easy and provides a lot of value to you. We also offer additional benefits for our customers such as Fast Mailout and package Consolidation to help make the shipping process as easy and hassle-free as it can be.

Free vs Premium Assisted Purchase Services

The free membership account allows you to consolidate all your purchases into one package for forwarding. You also get our helpful email & chat support services as well as seven days of free package storage.

With our free account, you already get access to two free warehouse addresses in California and in Austria. Those are free shipping addresses for both the U.S. and the European Union!

If you want more, we also offer Premium Shipito accounts. For a low monthly fee of $10, you get access to a third warehouse address in Oregon. We’ll also upgrade your free package storage to 45 days.

Additionally, you get to take advantage of sales tax-free shopping and phone support. We’ll give you an exclusive phone line that allows you to contact the warehouse anytime during business hours.

How Does the Assisted Purchase Service Work?

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It’s all very simple — you just need to tell us specifically what product you want to buy, where you want to buy it from, how much it costs, and we’ll take it from there!

Once you’ve signed up for a Shipito account and finished the first-time customer ID verification, you can get started with online shopping using our Assisted Purchase service.

One-Time Verification Process

As a first-time customer, you will be asked to verify your identity and payment method. You’ll need to provide two official forms of ID to verify your identity. You can use your passport, state ID card, or your driver’s license for this.

You’ll also need to choose a payment method to verify either your credit card, bitpay, or wire transfer. Shipito’s verification process is easy.

Simply follow the website prompts after selecting “New Assisted Purchase.” Best of all, it’s a one-time verification!

The verification process can be completed in as fast as a couple of days. However, please be aware that there are times where finalizing the verification on Shipito’s end can take up to two weeks during busy seasons or months.

If you’re planning on buying something online during the holidays, we highly recommend signing up for an Assisted Purchase account in advance!

A Simple Guide to Assisted Purchase Shopping

Once you’ve signed up for a Shipito account and gotten yourself verified, you can quickly and easily start using our Assisted Purchase services.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Select “New Assisted Purchase”
  2. Enter all the relevant product details: online store URL, product description, item quantity, product number, and total shipping price to your selected warehouse address
  3. Wait for Shipito to check item availability and prices. If your chosen items are available and the prices match with your entered information, then your order will be placed right away.

    If there is more than $10 in price discrepancy, we will contact you about how to proceed with the purchase. If the price discrepancy is less than $10, we will continue with your purchase, although there will be a negative balance reflected in your Shipito account.
  4. Wait for your package to be delivered to our warehouse. Your Shipito account dashboard will show you updates regarding your order.
  5. Once your order is received and placed in your Shipito account, you can schedule its shipment and delivery to your home or any other chosen address.
  6. If you have more than one ordered item, we can consolidate your purchases into one package for shipment and delivery!

No need to worry about the shipment costs, either. Our shipping prices are all competitive and easy on your wallet, whether you’re looking for domestic or international shipping. You can check our handy Shipping Calculator for our estimated shipping rates.

Aside from our shipping rates, we also have a small processing fee of $3.25 if you have signed up for a free account. Premium account holders enjoy a small discount and are charged $2.25 as processing fees.

Final Thoughts

It’s extremely easy to get started with our Assisted Purchase! Whether you’re treating yourself or buying much needed everyday items, Assisted Purchase will make the process easier and hassle-free.

Shipito is here to make your online shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable. For any concerns, questions, or clarifications, you may contact Shipito’s customer service at +1 (310) 349-1172 or message us through our website’s live chat feature.