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Russian Post Now Available!

Russian Post Now Available!
Novinky společnosti

Russian Post Now Available!

Published Dec 13, 2021

Russian shipping just got easier

We have some great news just in time for the holidays! We recently added Russian Post to our growing list of the world’s most reputable shipping carriers.

Russian Post (also called Pochta or Почта) is a government-owned carrier servicing all of Russia. It has a reputation of being the most cost-effective and trusted carrier in the country. Russian Post offers two service options and a lot of benefits, including low rates, customs clearance by Russian Post, tracking, local pickup, doorstep delivery, and more.

If you are new here and haven’t already signed up for a Shipito account, click here to sign up so you can start saving up to 80% on your international shipping. Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about which Russian Post option is best for you.

Russian Post Local Pickup

With over 42,000 post offices to choose from, Russian Post Local Pickup is a great option when cost and reliability matter.

Picking up your parcels from the nearest post office is also a great option when it comes to security. By selecting the Local Pickup option, your parcels won’t be left on doorsteps or out in the open, making it virtually impossible for deliveries to be stolen by thieves and passerby’s.

Parcels sent with Russian Post Local Pickup are delivered to the post office closest to the provided labeled address. To make sure that your parcel reaches the right post office, please indicate the address correctly and use the proper spelling. Be aware that each post office has its own postal code.

Russian Post Courier

Russian Post Courier is the go-to shipping method for sending important shipments. When you select Russian Post Courier (also known as EMS), your parcels are delivered directly to the address of the individual/business provided.

Russian Post Courier was introduced as a faster, more convenient alternative to Russian Post’s Local Pickup option. No more long drives to and from the post office to collect your shipments. Have them sent right to you!

We hope you will give Russian Post a try on your next Shipito order!

Russian Post Options
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