Fast Mailout Services: In, Out, and On Your Doorstep

Fast Mailout Services: In, Out, and On Your Doorstep

Fast Mailout Services: In, Out, and On Your Doorstep

Published Jul 08, 2021

Package processing at rocket speed!

Quick, easy, and convenient — these are three things everyone expects from their online shopping and delivery experience. Moreover, these three elements play a much larger role when you are ordering internationally.

When you order from outside of the U.S., fast shipping and expected delivery time is most likely on the forefront of your mind. You’re not alone there, either. As eCommerce becomes a larger part of our daily lives, everyone expects a better, faster shipping service.

The past year has seen more online shoppers demanding fast shipping and same-day delivery from online merchants and shipping services. While same-day delivery is an impossible feat for international online shoppers, fast international shipping is not. When you use Shipito, you can rest assured knowing that your order will be on-time. When you set up Fast Mailout, your settings are saved, and your order is processed lightning fast. Even more, you can combine Fast Mailout with Express Processing and get your shipment at lightning speed.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Shipito account to get started, but make sure to come back for tips on using Fast Mailout.

International Shipping with Shipito

Online sellers and shippers that can’t deliver fast, easy, and convenient services can lose customers in a snap. After all, why wait and go through all the trouble if there is someone out there you can turn to?

That’s where Shipito’s services come in — we provide quick, easy, convenient, cost-efficient shopping and shipping solutions for anyone ordering from outside of the United States.

Best of all, we offer a Fast Mailout service, so you can get your package as soon as possible. Once your package arrives at our warehouse, it will be processed and forwarded to your address immediately.

What is Fast Mailout?

Fast Mailout is Shipito’s automated package processing and shipping service. This means that as soon as your order arrives at one of our warehouses, it is immediately processed and sent out for shipping.

All you need to do is enable the Fast Mailout in your Shipito account and complete your shipping profile. In your profile, you can set up your preferred shipping address, package courier, payment method, and more.

Once you set everything up, all incoming orders and packages will be automatically processed for mailout according to your chosen preferences.

Easy, Breezy Shopping with Automated Shipping

If you’re the type of online shopper who only orders one item at a time, then our Fast Mailout service is perfect for you. With Fast Mailout, your items would literally be in and out of our warehouses and soon at your doorstep!

There are two major benefits of automated package processing:

  • It reduces the number of steps you need to go through each time you order.
  • It reduces the time your package spends on our shelves and warehouse.

You no longer need to wait for a notification from Shipito, prompting you for various details, like your address, preferred courier service, and more. Instead of storing your orders at our warehouse, Shipito will automatically use the information you provided in your Fast Mailout profile to ship your package to your home.

Express processing and shipping not only save you time but also saves you money. Shipito’s Fast Mailout comes with discounted package processing and customs form fees.

For more information about our international shipping costs, you can check our shipping calculator

Standard vs Fast Mailout Service

You might wonder why you need to activate and set up a Fast Mailout profile, rather than have it as the default shipping feature of Shipito.

Shipito’s line of services are designed to make everyone’s international online shopping experience as smooth as possible. This means we make sure every client gets the service they prefer.

The Fast Mailout services work wonderfully if your orders usually consist of a single package. Since you do not have anything else to ship with your package, express processing and shipping makes perfect sense.

However, if you ordered several items at around the same time, Fast Mailout may be more inconvenient. In such cases, it may be better to turn off your Fast Mailout profile temporarily and use our consolidation services where you can save up to 80% on shipping costs.

Doing so lets you store your packages at our warehouses for a short time. During this time, you can have your orders consolidated into one large package for ease of shipping and receiving.

You may have to wait for a while for all your orders to arrive and get repacked into one big package. The upside to all these, though, is the convenience and cost savings when receiving only one shipment.

8-Step Sign-up for Fast Mailout Services

Once you sign up for a Shipito account and are verified, you can quickly and easily start using all of our convenient shipping and purchasing services. After that, you simply need to set up your Fast Mailout and complete your profile.

Setting up your Fast Mailout profile only takes eight quick and easy steps:

  1. Login to your Shipito account and select “Fast Mailout Settings” under your Account Settings.
  2. Click on “Create Profile.”
  3. Enter your preferred shipping address. Please make sure you provide complete address details. If you have previously used Shipito and our standard mailout services, you would have a record of your last used address.

    If you want to use a different address, simply select the “Add a new shipping address” option.
  4. Choose which one of our three warehouses would ship your package. Shipito has three warehouses.

    Our California warehouse offers the lowest shipping rates and fastest shipping times, while our Oregon warehouse has no sales tax. If you are ordering from Europe, then our Austria warehouse is your best option.
  5. Select your preferred shipping method or courier. You can also add delivery and damage insurance in this step.
  6. Arrange additional services, such as filling out your U.S. customs form, package content photo request, and adding security tape. Whichever services you select will automatically be performed by our Shipito team for each Fast Mailout package.
  7. Pick your preferred payment method. Please ensure that your chosen payment method is already verified. Shipito has a one-time verification process for your identity and payment method.
  8. Review and confirm all of your provided information.

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, you are all good to go. Each order you make with Shipito will automatically follow the details you indicated on your Fast Mailout profile.

Now, you can sit back and relax after placing each order, knowing that our reliable Shipito team will take care of everything for you!


If you are looking for quick, easy, and convenient package shipping, then our Fast Mailout service is what you need. Best of all, it’s extremely easy to get started once you have a Shipito account. With Shipito, you get access to our multilingual, international support team who will make sure your questions are answered and your packages arrive on time.