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Top Personal Fitness Products in 2021

Top Personal Fitness Products in 2021
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Top Personal Fitness Products in 2021

Published Nov 23, 2021

Take control of your personal health

Worried that your health may be deteriorating because you can no longer find the time to exercise? Have you been wanting to start living a more active lifestyle by getting a gym membership, but other priorities keep getting in the way?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Time constraints, responsibilities to kids and family, and jobs often take priority over exercising. Eating a balanced diet and supplements alone doesn’t always cut it. Fortunately, as technology improves and the sports and fitness industries get more innovative, exercise products, tools, and equipment evolve as well.

Not a lot of time on your hands? The gym is too far away? Exercise at home. Instead, buy personal fitness products that you can utilize whenever and wherever. With Shipito you can purchase from US-based companies and have them shipped to over 200 countries. Shipito members can also save up to 80% on shipping with package Consolidation.

Here are some products that we highly recommend:

Resistance Bands

Perfect for people who are always on the go and lead busy lifestyles. Resistance bands have been one of the most popular personal fitness products to date. Year after year, there are new products that come onto the market and then fade away — not resistance bands.

Resistance bands are often popular because they are super effective, simple, multifunctional, and fun. We recommend going to sites like Amazon and eBay for a variety of choices. Part of the reason why resistance bands are so popular is that they can help you exercise almost any muscle group in your body.

They’re also so small, convenient, affordable and they allow you to exercise just about anywhere. In your bedroom, in the garage, in the park, wherever you may be, resistance bands are effective. Resistance bands also offer different types of exercises like strength training, cardio, and even yoga. This versatility of resistance bands makes it easy to work out effectively and consistently.

Exercise Mats

Exercise mats should be a must-have for everyone. Not only are they useful for exercising but also provide a much-needed barrier between your body and the ground to help prevent injury and pain.

There are a ton of exercise routines that you can perform on top of an exercise mat. This product is generally popular with those who do yoga, aerobics, and bodyweight exercises. Exercise mats enable you to workout anytime and anywhere.

You can perform stationary or moving exercises on top of it while making sure that you have a comfortable ground to step, kneel or lay on. With an exercise mat, you can also perform exercise routines barefoot, which adds to the number of muscle groups you can stimulate.

We also recommend getting a stepper for various exercise routines, especially aerobics.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are a simple yet effective option that enables you to break a sweat and get your cardiovascular system going. It can also help strengthen your calves, thighs, and glutes. Jumping also enhances stamina, endurance, and coordination. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have the time or struggle to run, jog, or cycle outside.

Suspension Training Kits

Suspension kits are effective and fun. They work to strengthen your core muscles and limbs.

The concept for suspension training kits has been around since the 1800s but now has a modern twist. It is a combination of ropes and straps used to leverage body weight, creating resistance. Most people use a door or doorframe to stabilize the straps, which makes it an ideal product a quick, at-home work out.

Stability Balls

Stability balls, like resistance bands, have been around for years. All you need is some living room space and you’ll be good to go. You’ll oftentimes see some lying around a gym and they are a great option for strengthening your core muscles and improving your balance. You can use the ball to assist in body weight exercises or add small weights to your routine for a more advanced work out.

Boxing Pads and Gloves

If you’re tired of exercising by yourself and can find a workout partner, boxing is a great multi-functional exercise to try. Boxing pads and gloves not only exercise your heart and muscles but can also help teach you self-defense. What’s great about boxing is that you just need a little bit of space to practice in. So, it isn’t hard to get started and can turn out to be a fun, new exercise and skill.

Foam Rollers

It’s time to introduce a kit that will help those sore and painful muscles. Foam rollers offer a variety of deep tissue exercises that not only help you stretch and workout, but also help loosen tendons and ligaments and relieve muscle aches and pains from a previous work out session.


Kettlebells have grown popular in recent years. They’re a super-effective way to build strength, exercise those muscles, and improve mobility. Almost like a dumbbell, but a lot more fun! Kettlebells can range from 2 to 12 kilograms, so they are still portable. There are a ton of routines that you can try with them, so they will never get boring.


Like kettlebells, sandbags will enable you to do strengthening exercises anywhere. They can be transported easily, they are durable, and they can be utilized indoors and outdoors. Sandbags mirror real-life lifting rather well and can help with your balance and act as an alternative to gym weights.


For those who have had a lot of experience with exercise and want to try something more advanced at home, you can try parallettes. They don’t take up a lot of space and are perfect for building strength, especially in your upper body and core, and can greatly enhance your flexibility and balance.

Parallettes have a one size fits all design so they’re pretty economic. You can utilize them as long as you have a flat and hard ground to exercise on.

Exercise Apparel

Of course, you’re going to need the proper outfit to exercise comfortably. and Nike offer great deals when it comes to athletic apparel. They also have pretty versatile designs that you can use indoors and outdoors and can appeal to just about anybody.

Sometimes, uncomfortable clothing hinders the efficiency of exercise routines. Feeling cool and free is the first step to shedding a few pounds or putting on more muscle. Exercising can be difficult enough as it is, make it more comfortable with the right clothing.


Lastly, we should know how to harness what technology has to offer. Smartphones are great when it comes to exercising at home. There are a lot of useful applications (both paid and free) that can assist you in your exercise programs. Things like stopwatches, fitness journals, pedometers, and exercise videos are a great way to keep it fun and exciting each day.

Other devices that can help improve the quality of a workout are things like smartwatches and wireless headphones. These products are easy to find on places like Best Buy and Amazon.

Purchase Popular Fitness Products Worldwide

All of these personal fitness products can be yours at just the push of a few buttons. Gone are the days when we needed to go out and buy things from physical stores. We can now order products online, even the ones that are only sold halfway around the world.

Shipito is an international package forwarding service provider that can deliver products to more than a hundred countries across the world. We’ve worked with top brands and developed a reliable system to fulfill and ship orders fast and easily to over 220 countries. Our international shipping is the ideal solution to any location-based shipping issues you normally face. Sign up today for your free US address and get started on your next fitness purchase!

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