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US Unlocked
How to Buy

US Unlocked

Published Apr 10, 2020

US Unlocked is back!

Have you ever tried to buy something from a US website, only to find out they didn’t accept your payment method? Or maybe your credit card was accepted, but the foreign transaction fees were outrageous? These are common issues that many Shipito customers have experienced. Your cart is full of those must-have clothes, or you finally found a great deal on a new cellphone... but you can’t pay.

I’m happy to announce that Shipito has renewed our partnership with US Unlocked, a leader in cross-border payment solutions. Shipito first partnered with US Unlocked back in 2016 to offer Shipito customers a Virtual Payment Card with a US billing address. Starting in April 2020 we’ve renewed our partnership with US Unlocked, meaning you can shop U.S. websites, with your own U.S. payment card, and have your items delivered to your Shipito Address.

Что такое US Unlocked?

US Unlocked offers Virtual Payment Cards that may be used to purchase merchandise from your favorite U.S. websites. Your Virtual Payment Card from US Unlocked uses your Shipito address as the billing address ensuring the card will be authorized. This opens the door for you to merchants you have not been able to purchase from before.

Are the US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards a credit card?

No, US Unlocked Virtual Payment Cards are virtual prepaid debit cards. You load the money onto your virtual card and can spend up to the amount of money in your US Unlocked Account. If a website asks for your credit card information you can use your US Unlocked Card information, even though it is a debit card. Virtual cards can be created for one-time use, or for specific merchants that you regularly shop with.

Will I receive a physical debit or credit card?

No, US Unlocked issues virtual cards, meaning you won’t receive a physical card. US Unlocked provides you with a US card number, expiration date and billing address to use for your online shopping.

Limited Time FEE FREE Loads!

To celebrate the relaunch, US Unlocked is offering Shipito customers Fee Free Loads for a limited time! This means, any money you load onto your Virtual Payment Card between now and April 17th is free. No additional fees. Who doesn’t like fee free?! This promotion ends on April 17th so hurry if you want to take advantage of this great offer.

How do I apply for a Virtual Payment Card from US Unlocked?

It’s easy to apply for a Virtual Payment Card from US Unlocked:

  1. Apply Online –US Unlocked needs to know some personal details such as your name, home address and date of birth.
  2. During the registration process, enter your Shipito address and suite number.
  3. Load – The next step is to make an account load payment which will include a one-time application fee. Funds will be issued to your account approximately 2-4 business days once we have received your payment (provided you have passed the address and ID check)
  4. Buy – You will be able to use your Virtual Payment Cards on most U.S. websites
  5. Reload – When you run out of funds, it is time to make a new US Unlocked Account Load Payment. You can set a minimum balance reminder in your account.

At Shipito we’re working tirelessly to ensure your cross-border shopping and shipping experience is simple, painless and affordable. When it comes to cross-border payment services, we can’t think if a better partner than US Unlocked. I invite you to check them out.

Happy shopping.

Dave Robinson
General Manager, Shipito

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