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Simple Way to Spice Up Your Home Decor

Simple Way to Spice Up Your Home Decor
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Simple Way to Spice Up Your Home Decor

Published Jun 21, 2022

Unleash your inner interior designer

There’s nothing more relaxing and comforting than seeing your home in a clean and organized state. With many people working and spending more time at home, homeowners have decided to give the interiors of their homes a proper makeover.

Many people now prefer to order their home goods online. Shoppers have especially grown to love international shipping and package forwarding options, because it allows them to order items from places outside of their area.

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Now, let’s get to our list of the best simple ways to improve and redecorate your home!

Living Room Setup

9 Best Ways to Update Your Home Décor

Rearrange Your Living Room

Your living room is where your family bonds and spends time together. It is also the main room where you welcome your guests and visitors. If this space has become stale and boring instead of relaxing and comfortable, start reviving it by rearranging your furniture.

You can try adding or removing some decorations in the room. Move your furniture around to different parts of the room or even replace old furniture, if necessary. Pull couches away from the walls, if you have space.

You never know! Trying something new and interesting with your living room might make it even more cozy and inviting.

Shop For Décor

Now that you have rearranged your living room and other rooms around the house, it’s time for you to spice it up with decorations. You can buy all sorts of décor online to make your home more attractive. From decorative and throw pillows to a bedroom bench, everything you need is available online.

Planning to buy decorations from several different stores? No problem! You can save up to 80% on shipping fees when you combine multiple packages into one at our warehouse before shipping to your home. Give our Package Consolidation service a try and start saving when you bundle multiple orders!

Plants around a home

Go Green

A growing trend (pun intended) among homeowners includes adding plants and vegetation to various rooms around the house. Aside from the aesthetic purposes, giving your home a touch of nature can help make it feel more relaxing and fresh. The greenery can give a peaceful and calming vibe to any part of the house.

Want the look and vibe of plants without the responsibility? There is not shame is buying artificial plants to help spruce up the atmosphere of your home. For a simple touch of green, we recommend this PENGYEE Artificial Potted Plant Set. You could also add some color with these Artificial Floral Bouquet Centerpieces.

Whether you are looking for a large or small plant to put in your home, you can’t go wrong. Any amount of greenery can help enliven the living areas around the house.

Revive Your Windows

Most homeowners don’t think about their windows very often. However, a slight change in your windows can do wonders to your home.

For one, if you want your home to have more natural light, you can find see-through or lace curtains to let the sunlight in. Checkout these sheer curtains from Walmart to find what best suits your home and style.

There are many curtains for living rooms and bedrooms today that can be a nice accent to your home. If you are looking for curtains that can help keep light out of a room, we recommend the Eclipse Samara Blackout Curtains. They come in over 20 different solid colors and provide a decorative solution to keep the sun at bay.

Living Room Rug

Add a Rug or Carpet

You can change the look at feel of any room by creating more dimension with a large area rug or carpet. Rugs and carpets tend to be made from soft materials and add to the coziness of your home, which can help ease your mind at the end of a long day.

Rugs can also help set the mood and tone of an area. Want your room to look elegant and cordial? There are rugs for that. Want a simple, yet functional rug? There are lots of options for you! Maybe you want something loud and fun to catch people's eye. There are rugs available that can meet virtually any need you have.

Finding rugs on Amazon is easy. They have a lot of variety in color, pattern, and size to meet the needs of whatever room you want a rug in. Checkout these Amazon rugs and start upgrading your home today!

Redecorate Your Study Table or Work Area

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, small business owner, or an employee, you need to invest in your workspace at home. According to research, a clean workspace can help you focus on your work and makes you appear more professional.

One thing that many students and workers have been going crazy for is cordless lamps. A cordless lamp can free up outlets for your computer, phone charger, or other electronics that you need for work. Cordless lamps can provide subtle lighting for your workspace, increasing your concentration and comfort.

Give these Wingbo Battery Operated Desk Lamps a try if you are looking to shed some light on your work area.

Having trouble purchasing these or any other items? Let us help you with our Assisted Purchase service! Simply let us know what product(s) you want, how many you want, and the link to the item. From there we will make the purchase for you and charge it to your account.

Wall Decor

Invest in a Storage Ottoman

If you want your room to have more places to sit while maintaining storage space, why not invest in a good quality storage ottoman? A storage ottoman is a chair that you can use to store things — like extra blankets or pillows. While it can store many things according to their size, it can also add more sitting space to your house.

Storage ottomans come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. If you are looking for an ottoman with ample storage, but doesn’t take up a lot of space, we recommend the Homepop Button Storage Ottoman.

Try Adding a Decorative Blankets

A decorative blanket can serve multiple purposes. It can help set the mood of a room or act as an accent piece towards a couch or chair. It can also, obviously, be a handy blanket for when the evening gets cold.

Pendleton makes great wool blankets that are beautiful and soft to the touch. It’s very durable and has become a classic staple for any room in your house. For over a century, Pendleton blankets have been a must-have for homeowners who love to give the interior of their homes a vintage vibe.

Check out these Pendleton Wool blankets and find the right one for your living room or bedroom. You won’t regret it!

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Decorative Blanket on a Couch

Consider Accent Walls

If you want your rooms to look more artistic without crowding them with too much décor, you can try spicing them up with an accent wall. Accent walls are a different color or design than the rest of the walls in a room. It can light up your room or even give a nice touch to your whole house.

When it comes to accent walls, you can either paint your walls, or buy some wallpaper online. In fact, you can find thousands of wallpaper options online for your accent wall. Wallpaper options have different patterns and styles that you can choose from.

In the end, the purpose of an accent wall is to add character and creativity to a room.

The Best Parcel Forwarding Services

Start spicing up your homes with your favorite decorative materials and have them shipped through an international mail forwarding service, like Shipito. It doesn’t matter where you are located; you can have your items delivered straight to you.

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Still have questions? You can contact us via Live Chat Monday through Saturday 4 am at 6 pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 4 am at 3 pm Pacific Time. You can also reach us by email at or by phone at +1 (310) 349-1182.

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