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Baby Toys for Growth & Development

Baby Toys for Growth & Development
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Baby Toys for Growth & Development

Published Jun 16, 2022

Encouraging development at every phase

Naturally, babies love to play. What a lot of parents don’t know is that playing serves a purpose. It provides an avenue for toddlers to develop and practice new skills such as critical thinking, cognition, and motor skills.

That’s why toys and playthings are more than just mere fun or distraction, but they’ll also contribute to the shaping of a baby’s development.

Due to their importance, there are now plenty of toys available in the market. While a variety of options is good, the multitude of different kinds of toys may make it hard for parents, grandparents, or close friends to decide on the best toys to buy.

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This article will help you to know what kinds of baby toys to buy, as well as how each toy can contribute to a child’s development.

Tummy Time Baby

Buying Baby Toys

With that said, make sure to invest in developmental, baby bath, teething, and outdoor toys for your little one. Take note that some of these toys can be fragile, so make sure to trust a reliable international mail forwarding service, like Shipito, when you’re planning to buy baby toys.

Best Baby Development Toys

When planning to purchase boy or baby girl toys, ensure that it’s safe for children and encourage their creativity. For instance, grabbing toys, like rattlers or balls, board books, and activity gyms are types of baby toys that promote developmental milestones for babies under six months.

Here are some suggestions for baby development toys:

Soft Balls

Soft balls are perfect for babies that are just a few weeks old. In their early weeks, babies won’t completely squish the ball yet, but the soft ball can be squeezed, rattled, batted, rolled, and used to knock other toys down as they grow older. As your child learns to walk, they can start kicking the ball as well.

We recommend these ROHSCE Bright Color Textured Sensor Balls as a great option for the little one. The different textures help babies with tactile exploration, sensory development, and fine motor skills. They are also easy to clean and made of from safe BPA free non-toxic materials.

Baby with Xylophone

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

We recommend the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy because it promotes audio and visual learning through classical music. Your baby will be able to be in control the tunes they want to hear. It also comes with flashing lights, which encourage a child’s visual skills, and an easy-grip handle, promoting a child’s sensory-motor skills.

Give them the gift of music and allowing a child to enjoy a variety of classical and educational melodies.

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Best Baby Bath Toys

Bath time can be one of the highlights of both a baby’s and a parent’s day. In order to elevate a child’s bathing experience, make sure to invest in the best baby bath toys.

For one, these toys won’t only serve as a fun distraction, but they’ll also boost parent-child bonding. Bathing kids at night and playing with these toys can help your little one exhaust that last little bit of playtime energy from the day. As a result, they’ll be burned out and ready to go to sleep.

Here are some baby bath toys you should consider:

Baby Bath Toys

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

A rubber duck bath toy is always associated with kids enjoying their bath time. So, purchase the modernized version of this classic toy: Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky.

Not only is this ducky toy cheap, but it’ll also inform parents that the water is too hot for a baby, which is particularly helpful since babies have sensitive skin.

Squeeze & Swap

Since bath toys are constantly exposed to water, it’s quite common for mold to accumulate inside, if you aren’t careful. Gross, right?

However, a Squirt ‘n Swap type of toy can be separated at the toy’s middle part. This allows parents to clean and dry the toy with ease. Also, the toys' mixed and matched characteristics will boost a child’s creativity. We recommend the Ubbi Squeeze and Switch bath toys for a fun and colorful bath time experience.

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Baby with Stuffed Animals

Best Teething Toys For Babies

While it’s a major milestone for babies, teething is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable stages for both parents and their children. This is especially true for the first few teeth coming through, as they’re the most painful for a baby. As a result, a baby may look for something to bite and gnaw on to soothe their gums.

If your baby starts biting and chewing on things, it might be time to buy some teething toys to help with the process. Here are some suggestions:

Bright Stars Snuggle & Teethe Plush Baby Toy

We love and recommend the Bright Stars Snuggle & Teethe Plush Baby Toys because they can serve multiple purposes.

They can be a soft and cuddly friend for your baby, while also helping them through their teething phase. The teether feet on the toy can help to soothe aching gums and the crinkle fabric provides an sensory experience for your baby as well.

Fruit Feeding Pacifier

This toy is a great way to not only help soothe the gum pain from teething, but can also help you introduce different fruits and flavors to your child. Simply, place fruits like strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, bananas and more into the teether and let your child enjoy both textured relief and a flavorful snack at the same time.

It also serves as a great pacifier. Your baby is a lot less likely to cry when they are busy sucking and chewing on something. Especially when that something feels and tastes great! For these reasons, we suggest you pick up the RaZbaby Fruit Teething Pacifier today! Your baby will thank you!

Pro Tip: Adding frozen or slightly thawed fruit can have the added benefit of a cool, soothing sensation on the gums if the child is particularly irritable from sore gums.

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Baby with Puzzle

Outdoor Toys for Kids

When the outside condition is warm and inviting, and you know someone who has a child that’s very energetic or screen-obsessed, outdoor toys can be the perfect gift.

With these types of toys, kids are encouraged to go outside and exhaust their energy. Kids who tend to play outdoors often are physically and mentally healthier than those who don’t. Also, playing outside is one way to regulate their behavior.

Make sure to buy baby toys that promote outdoor play, like the following:

Step2 Crabbie Sand Table

A great way for parents to promote outdoor play is by offering a different and fun new experience. Playing in a sandbox does just that, especially if you don’t live in a place with lots of sand. When it comes to a quality sandbox for your kids, we recommend you try the Step2 Crabbie Sand Table.

It comes with a hardtop cover, which hinders bugs, pets, and critters from getting into the sand. Make the sandbox even more fun by incorporating a shovel and pail and even some water. Help your child learn to build sandcastles and have fun in the sun with the Step2 Crabbie Sand Table.

Baby Building Blocks

Final Thoughts

Like all gift-giving processes, sourcing a specific toy for a kid can be difficult. Fortunately, the list above presents some useful ideas that don’t only encourage playtime but also help kids develop their social, mental, physical skills, and many more!

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