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Back to School Shopping for the Kids

Back to School Shopping for the Kids
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Back to School Shopping for the Kids

Published Aug 03, 2022

Class is back in session!

This time of year is full of parents scrambling to get everything their kids will need with back to school shopping. From back-to-school clothes shopping to buying back-to-school supplies, everything can be overwhelming for parents both financially and mentally.

This article will give parents a simple and realistic guide to follow so they can have a seamless and stress-free back-to-school shopping experience.

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Included in this article is a list of all the back-to-school necessities that you may need to buy for your kids. Let’s get right into it!

Books on desktop

School Supply List: Where to Start

Before you start your back-to-school shopping, make sure you check with your child’s school for any specific supply list. Items may vary by grade, school, or even teacher. However, if there are no specific requirements, you can consult this guide instead.

Back-to-School Outfits

Kids grow a lot, and they will continue to do so until they are between 18-21 years old. Since you’re about to go back-to-school shopping, take some time to first go through your children’s clothes and find items that need replacing.

Below is a short list of important and recommended clothing that kids should have in their closets. Remember, you are not obligated to buy all of these — just purchase what works best for your kids according to your needs & budget.

Children generally need clothing supplies in the following categories:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Ayakkabı
  • Coats/Jackets

You can buy kids clothes from places like Walmart & Target, Carter’s & Gap, and pretty much anywhere else you could think of. When you work with Shipito, you will get a free US Shipping address, that you can use during the purchasing process. From there, we will forward the package(s) directly to your front door.

School Supplies

Back-to-School Supplies


Every school will require a child to bring at least one pencil to school. They will need these for almost all of their subjects and activities. We recommend either this set of four pencils from Ticonderoga or these Bic mechanical pencils, if they never want to worry about sharpening them.


For older kids, pens are also a necessity. Give them these Crayola-colored gel pens from the Crayola Store. It comes in a set of 14 different colored gel pens, and each provides a comfortable grip, so your kid can draw and write without feeling uneasy.

They also have washable ink, so your kids can just wash the ink away in case some ink gets on their hands or clothes.

For teenagers, we recommend these Zebra Retractable Ballpoint Pens. They are sleek, sturdy, and are sure to withstand writing pages of notes and countless essays.

Composition Notebook

Composition Notebooks

Check out these Amazon Basics composition notebooks that come in different colors. Each notebook has a total of 100 sheets, so your children can draw and write in them to their heart’s content. They can also jot down lessons and notes in these notebooks since it has wide-ruled sheets that measure 9 ¾ x 7 ½ inches.

Composition Notebooks are great because, unlike looseleaf paper, they don’t tear out easily or accidentally.

If you are wanting to purchase multiple products from different sellers, you can save time and money by taking advantage of our Package Consolidation service. Consolidating multiple packages into one before shipping can save you up to 80% on your shipping costs.


No matter what school your child is attending or what grade they’re in, they will need backpacks to put all their school supplies in.

Luckily, finding backpacks suitable for any age is easy when you shop backpacks on Amazon. Get a bright colored backpack for your little one, or a simple backpack with room for books, binders, and a laptop for your teenager.

A backpack is one of, if not the most important aspects of school shopping, so make sure it looks great and meets the needs of your child!

School Outfit & Backpack

School Glue

Another school necessity that your kids will need is glue. It’s usually used in art class or during school activities that require pasting or creating things like posters. Elmer’s school glue is among the most popular option because it is washable and non-toxic, making it ideal for children.

We suggest that you look for Elmer’s school glue in either the no-run paste option or glue stick form, whichever is needed based on the school activity. The glue on easy and dry clear to help the appearance.

Want to know how much your package will cost to ship? Shipito offers a free shipping calculator to help take the guesswork out of package forwarding. Checkout our Shipito Shipping Calculator for a fast, easy, and accurate shipping estimate!


To make sure that your kid’s activities and test papers are free of wrinkles and away from the possibility of being torn, get them protective folders. These two-pocket folders from Oxford come in different sizes and colors, and are our cheaper recommendation.

For a more durable, slightly more expensive product, we suggest you pickup these Dunwell Colored Plastic Folders with Pockets.

School Bus


Whether your kids are in middle school, high school, or even college, markers are almost always needed in school. They can be used for drawing or even be used as highlighters. We recommend you get these broad-line markers from the Crayola. They come in 40 different classic colors that are all washable and non-toxic.


To make sure that your child has a fun and nutritious lunch, get them a CARBATO Insulated Lunch Box. Whether lunch consist of a sandwich or last night’s leftovers, they can keep their lunch cool throughout the day. You can mix and match different meals or snacks at the same time in these very affordable and useful lunch boxes.

Pencil Case

Make sure your kid’s pencils and pens are well-organized with these unisex pencil cases. We suggest you pick up the CICIMELON Pencil Pouch for a cheap yet quality pen/pencil case. It’s big enough to fit all your kids pens, pencils and erasers, but isn’t so big that it is a pain to carry around.

Your kids will never have to dig around in their backpacks to find what they need ever again. Help them to keep their things in these colorful, yet easy-to-carry pouches.

If you are having trouble purchasing any of the products on this list, consider using our Assisted Purchase service. Simply tell us what product(s) you want, how many you want, and a link to the product(s). We will make the purchase for you and charge it to your account.

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Kids in School


For kids in middle school and older, calculators are typically a necessity in math & science classes. We suggest buying this TI-36X Pro calculator because it has everything they need without being a graphing calculator.

It is a pocket-sized calculator that can run simple as well as complex equations. It is also a great calculator when working with fractions and it only costs $20 USD.

Ship it With Us

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