Shipping lithium batteries from USA

Electronic devices, mobile phones and gadgets in USA are much cheaper than in the rest of the world. That’s also the reason why they are one of the most shipped products of Shipito customers. Most electronics contain lithium battery, and there are some restrictions as to which shipping method is able to ship these batteries and which not.

Check also our list of restricted and prohibited items to ship with Shipito.

If you want to ship products with lithium batteries with Shipito, you have to mark this on your customs declaration form:

lithium_cusotms (1)


When you are ready to mail out your package, be careful which shipping method accepts lithium batteries and under which conditions

DHL – ships lithium batteries, no limit. Require MSDS form submitted if over 2 batteries

TNT – ships lithium batteries, no limit. Starting July 8th, TNT stops shipping Lithium Ion Battery by itself (PI965) to all countries. TNT ships items with inserted battery (PI967) and Lithium Ion Battery that’s package with equipment (PI966).

FedEx – ships lithium batteries, no limit

USPS – ships lithium batteries, limit 2 items contains batteries per package, must be installed in the devices

Boxberry – ships lithium batteries, no limit on batteries which are installed in the device, limit 2 loose batteries per package

Airmail – no lithium batteries can be shipped


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