Shop in USA, Ship to Russia

Buy in USA and Ship to Russia, with Shipito

Shipito will ship any product from USA to Russia. Whether you are individual customer or company trying to reach Russian customers, we can help you. Russia is one of the biggest markets in the world and the product availability in local store is limited. That’s why there is high demand for US products in Russia. The customs limits are very high compared to other countries as well, that’s why it is cheap to import products from USA to Russia.  Whether you are merchant or customer, Shipito can help you solve your problem.

A lot of companies are complaining that their packages get stuck in Russian customers for several days, and their customers must wait for the delivery for weeks. That’s why Shipito is cooperating with local Russian delivery company Boxberry. Boxberry uses their own customs agent directly on VKO airport, and is able to do express customs clearance in not more than 2 days. As long as you fill in all the documentation properly and trustworthy, you will not have problems with customs clearance into Russia.

With cooperation with Boxberry we also offer delivery to one of many of their pickup points, which is the cheapest shipping method you can get from USA to Russia for your products. In addition to that, we offer other shipping methods like USPS or Shipito Airmail.


Individual Customers Buying in USA and Shipping to Russia

A lot of products in USA are cheaper than in Russia. There is also better offer in US online stores than in Russia. However, a lot of merchants do not ship to Russia from USA. For example a lot of eBay or Amazon sellers.

That’s where Shipito can solve all your problems. With Shipito you can buy anything you want in US stores and have it shipped to you.

Here are easy steps you need to take to be able to shop in USA and ship to Russia

  • Register account at Shipito
  • You will get your own personal US address
  • Make order on US online store and have it shipped to your US address
  • If you want, consolidate packages from other stores to one bigger package
  • Send the package to Russia


Merchants Shipping From USA to Russia

Are you a merchant who wants to ship from USA to Russia? Do you have problems getting good rates from shipping companies because your volume is not big enough? You can use Shipito services to ship your goods to Russia. We have up to 80% discounts on shipping rates from different companies, and you can use these discounts to ship your goods to your customers in Russia. If you are merchant, follow these steps

  • Register account at Shipito
  • Get your own personal US address and space in our warehouse
  • Ship your goods to the warehouse
  • Ship goods from our warehouse to different customers in Russia

Shipping Methods to Russia

We offer different shipping methods to each country. To get the shipping costs estimate, visit our shipping calculator. To Russia, we use these methods:


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