Shop in USA and Ship to Hong Kong

Shop in USA and Ship to Hong Kong with Shipito

Shipito allows you to shop US stores and ship to Hong Kong. With us, you can get use of cheap US prices and wide offer. Our shipping is very cheap, and you can chose from different shipping methods like USPS, DHL or TNT.  Get your own US address right now, and ship to Hong Kong immediately.

You can use Shipito as individual customer or as a merchant who wants to start shipping from USA abroad.

Individual Person Shopping in US stores

Individual customers can use great shipping discounts compared to retail pricing. Great offer on US stores and their cheap prices makes this very affordable.

Here are the steps to Shop in USA and Ship to Hong Kong

  • Register account at Shipito
  • You will get your own personal US address
  • Make order on US online store and have it shipped to your US address
  • If you want, consolidate packages from other stores to one bigger package
  • Send the package to Hong Kong


US Merchant Shipping To Hong Kong

If you want to deliver to your customer in Hong Kong, you can use Shipito as well.  You do not have to reach any minimum volume to be able to use Shipito, just use our services as you need it. Follow these steps:

  • Register account at Shipito
  • Get your own personal US address and space in our warehouse
  • Ship your goods to the warehouse
  • Ship goods from our warehouse to different customers in Hong Kong



Shipping Methods to Hong Kong

We offer different shipping methods to each country. To get the shipping costs estimate, visit our shipping calculator. To Hong Kong, we use these methods:



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