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Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022
How to Buy

Amazon Prime Day 2022

Published Jun 29, 2022

Savings on Popular Items and International Package Forwarding

Everyone loves finding deals when shopping online. Many of us casually “window shop” then throw items in our cart and wait for them to go on sale. If you are one of those people, we have some good news for you!

Amazon Prime Day is a once-a-year event with massive discounts on popular items. Find anything from smartphones, gaming consoles, books, bedding, clothing, and so much more! You won’t want to miss these incredible discounts.

Fortunately, you can participate in all the Prime Day deals no matter where you live. When you ship with an international package forwarding company, like Shipito, not only will you get deals on Amazon products, but you can also save big on your overall shipping costs!

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When is Amazon Prime Day?

Since we are talking about all these amazing deals that are about to drop on Prime Day, we should probably let you know when it is. Amazon Prime Day will be July 12th & 13th this year. That gives you two days to find, purchase and ship your discounted items to wherever you may live.

Amazon has been doing Prime Day for the last six years. Each year, the deals have only lasted during the allotted 24-48 hours, depending on the year. So, if you think these deals will stick around after the 12th & 13th, think again!

When you see something you are wanting or needing to buy, be sure to make your purchase as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

It’s important to note that to take advantage of any of these Amazon Prime Day Deals, you must be an Amazon Prime Member. You can start that process by clicking here to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. You even get a 30-day free trial before having to pay for your Amazon Prime Membership!

Top Prime Day 2022 Deals

Each year, Amazon Prime Day has different Headline deals and promotion that they highlight. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest deals of the year!

Amazon Packages

Prime Day Digital Stamps

This year Amazon is giving free $10 credit to customer who collect all 4 of their “digital stamps.” These stamps are collected by completing 4 different tasks. The first stamp is earned by making at least a $5 purchase on any Prime-eligible product.

The second stamp requires you to stream a show via Prime Video . You earn the third stamp by streaming any song on Prime Music . And finally, you can earn the last stamp by borrowing an eBook from Prime Reading.

Thankfully, these credits don’t have to be used on Prime Day. They can be used on any Amazon purchase you make in the future.

Audible Premium Plus for Free

This year, Prime Day has a great deal on their audiobook subscription, Audible. Sign up during Prime Day for a free 3-month membership and listen to popular books all summer long!

If you aren’t familiar with how Audible works, you receive 1 book credit each month you are subscribed. That credit can be used to purchase a book of your choice each month. You can purchase more than one book a month, but you will have to pay the price of the book, rather than using a free credit.

Audible typically costs $14.95 USD each month, so by taking advantage of this deal, you are saving around $45 USD and getting to listen to books for free!

If you are an avid reader, Audible is really good at rewarding their customers by offering extra credits, discounts and offers to those who read and purchase books frequently.

So, if you love books but don’t have time to sit down and read, give this incredible Audible deal a try!

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Prime Member Access to Gaming Consoles

While Sony’s PS5 came out in November of 2020, many people are still struggling to get their hands on one. Now could be your chance!

Amazon Prime is offering priority access to Prime Members by invitation only. To try and get your spot in line, simply create your account or sign in and click “request invitation.” Be sure to keep a lookout for an invitation email. The invitation is said to only be valid for 72 hours.

Free 6-Months of Amazon Prime Student

The last big deal we want to highlight is for students all around the world. With this Prime Day deal, students can get 6 months of Amazon Prime Student for free. This will give you all the same benefits as an Amazon Prime account.

Once your trial period expires, you will only have to pay $7.49 USD per month to continue with your Prime Student benefits.

More Prime Day Information

We hope you are as excited about this year’s Amazon Prime Day deals as we are! If you would like more information on what Prime Day is, what benefits are offered with a Prime membership, and some tips for the big day, click here for more details!

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