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Published Mar 03, 2020

How to save money with consolidating / combining packages?

Many times you will buy items from several websites and receive them at your Shipito suite in close proximity. Depending on the size and weight it could cost you $20 or more to ship each package but if you combine the packages then the shipping is less. Below are some Do’s and Don’t’s to help you with your consolidation to save money.


  • Do, remove items from their original shipping box. This will save weight and size of the package.
  • Do keep original protective packaging from the manufacturer. This will protect your items from damage. Examples are plastic wrap around clothing, boxing around collectible figurines, and foam packaging around glass.
  • Do notice the weight and size of each item you are consolidating. Its important to understand that if consolidated items are bulky meaning their dimensions cause the package to be considered heavier than it is then it might not make sense combine them.
    Learn more about dimensional weight below.


  • Do not combine restricted items with non-restricted items like perfume and clothes. This will cause the whole package to be declared as Dangerous goods. Ship restricted items separately with the proper carriers that except those items.
  • Do not request original protective packaging to be removed to save weight. This may cause your items to be destroyed in transit.
  • Do not combine very heavy items with fragile items. No amount of protective package will prevent a heavy car engine part from damaging a collective porcelain figurine. Think about what you are combining and how you want the items to arrive.


Often referred to as the DIM factor, dimensional weight is the weight class of a package that also takes into account the size of a package. This is often a misunderstood aspect of shipping. Take for example a sleeping pillow. Pillows do not weigh much so one would think they are inexpensive to ship. The problem lies in the dimensions. The pillow may weigh only 1 lb. but the dimensions are W 16 x L 27 x H 6. The dimensions of the pillow cause it to be charge at 15.61 lb weight with several carriers to Australia. In order to keep weight and dimensions inline best package sizes are W 10 x L 10 x H 2 or W 6 x L 6 x H 6

Below is an example of how you could save money by combining two packages.

Red Dress sample for consolidation

Package 1 is a dress weighing 3 lbs in an box that is 12”x16”x3” going to Sydney Australia would cost about $35 to ship

Spikey red heels

Package 2 is a pair of shoes also weighing 3 lbs in a box that is 10”x 4”x 4”. That would cost about $32 to ship.

Now we are going to combine the packages paying $3 each to combine and removing the outside packaging

consolidated box

The new package weighs 6lbs and the dimensions are 12”x16”x7” and cost $53 to ship plus the $6 for combining, saving $8!

There may even be a way to put the items in a smaller box saving even more. We wont know until we try. Overall though consolidation can save a lot of money as long as the items are not too large or heavy.

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