How to complete the customs declaration

1.Login to yor account

Log in to your account at

2.Display Your Packages

After logging in, click on “Packages in Warehouse”.

You will see the list of packages in the warehouse. If the customs declaration for the package is not filled out, there is a small red x next to the Customs Declaration status line (see picture below). To fill out customs for the package, just click Customs Declaration link.

3. Edit information for package

New window with package content will pop up.

  • Make sure you fill out ITEM DESCRIPTION, QUANTITY and VALUE for each product in the package. If you want to add more items to your customs declaration, just click ADD link below the last item. To remove item from the customs declaration, simply delete it’s information.

The system will let you know if the form is filled out correctly.

  • Then select, if package is MERCHANDISE or GIFT. Please note, that you will not avoid possible duties and taxes just by selecting GIFT. Also you will need to select if the package contains batteries.

4. Save customs info

After you finish, click on “Save” and the Customs declaration is saved.

If you still see that any of your packages have a red x next to the Customs Declaration, it means that you did not fill out the form completely and you will need to go back and do so. Once you completed everything, all packages will have a green (check mark) next to it.

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