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Festive Fall Home Decor

Festive Fall Home Decor
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Festive Fall Home Decor

Published Oct 13, 2022

Decorate your home for the Fall season

Fall is finally here, so it’s time to decorate your home and welcome the changing season. From incorporating beautiful fall colors into your living space, to purchasing new fall home decor, you can get creative with new decorative additions and arrangements.

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Let’s check out these great decorations as we welcome in the Fall/Autumn season.

Fall decorative wreath

Harvest Pumpkin Wreath

Let’s start with one of the most popular fall decorations - fall wreaths. Welcome in the season, your friends and your family with this Pumpkin & Pinecone Wreath from Michael’s. It’s a combination of shapely gourds, fiery maple stems, pinecones, and berry clusters.

The wreath is built on a solid grapevine base with a metal loop for easy hanging. It’s made of top-quality materials designed to elevate your front door and make you love the autumn season grow even more.

Woven Wall Accent

If you’re looking for flexible fall home decor, this woven tray wall decor from Hearth & Hand won’t disappoint. Say goodbye to that boring blank wall above your doorway, and give it some life with this beautiful Woven Tray Wall Decor. It creates an earthy look, especially with its natural-hued seagrass material and warm beige finish.

This gorgeous woven wall accent is designed like a basket, but you can easily hang it on the wall because it’s flat as a tray. You can also place this fall home decor in the middle of your dining room table. Decorate it further with some pinecones, foraged foliage, and pumpkins for an even more festive aesthetic.

Fall Pillow Entry

Corduroy Throw Pillow Covers

Are your throw pillows still summer-themed? Switch out the old theme for some new Fancy Homi Corduroy Fall Decorative Throw Pillow Covers from Amazon to instantly make your living room cozier, more inviting, and fall-ready.

These pillows also have pom poms that make the pillow covers more charming and unique. Apart from being a beautiful addition to your home’s autumn decorations, these corduroy throw pillows are also comfy, soft, and durable. You will love relaxing at your home while enjoying the fall weather with these decorative pillow covers.

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Embroidered Leaves Placemats

Want to make your dining room look ready for the fall season? Purchase these Simhomsem Embroidered Leaves Table Placemats on Amazon. You’ll love the vibrant colors of maple leaves and the intricate designs along the edges that make the placemats look elegant and expensive.

These placemats let your table stand out all throughout the season. The best part? They are machine washable, so you won’t have to worry if someone spills their food on your precious fall home decor.

Decorative Pumpkins

Decorative Pumpkins

If you want a quick but gorgeous way to welcome the harvest season, small, artificial pumpkins are a great option. They come in a pack of a dozen with different sizes between 6 to 10 centimeters in diameter. Use these to decorate your vases, baskets, and bowls for an attractive autumn display.

They can also be beautiful additions to garlands and wreaths. You can set them on any other decor or surface including counters and shelves to get your home ready for the autumn season. Give these 12 piece Assorted Artificial Pumpkins a try today!

Flickering Birch Candles

Looking for the perfect candles that will set the mood without becoming a fire hazard? Get these Comenzar Flickering Candles on Amazon. These birch candles available in a set of three come with remote control for convenience. They look like real candles, and they flicker quite convincingly.

Whether you want to relax in your bedroom or enjoy a perfect date night at home during the fall season, these battery candles will help set the atmosphere.

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Pumpkin & Book Decor

Scarecrow Decorations

If you are looking for cute and unique fall decorations for the home, buy these IFOYO Scarecrow Decorations. If you have a garden, these adorable scarecrows will make it look more festive.

However, you can also place these cute scarecrows in your bathroom or living room to remind you of the lovely colors of autumn. You can even use them as a Halloween decoration. They’re not too scary and full of charm. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and designs!

Reversible Quilt Set

You might be spending more time in your bedroom this fall season, and you’ll want it to be as warm and comfy as possible. This Royal Empire Reversible Quilt set from Amazon is a great option to choose from! It has a great color combination inspired by trees and leaves of autumn.

The deep and rich colors as well as different fabric patterns create a wonderful display. You’ll love how it hugs the shape of your bed without being too bulky.

This lovely quilt set is machine washable and can also be tumble-dried. Even after frequent washing, you’ll still enjoy the same vibrant colors, making it a nice addition to your fall home decorations.

Pumpkin Arrangement

Fall Welcome Doormat

Welcome your guests into your home this fall season with these cute Fall-themed doormats from Michael’s. They use a top-quality rubber-based sealant paint, so the mat will last a long time! You can choose from different sizes and designs, depending on what works best for your front porch.

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Complete Your Fall Home Decorations with Shipito

Whether you want your autumn decorations to be minimalist, elegant, or festive, you can make use of our fall home decor list above to spruce up your space for the fall season.

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