Shipping Packages to Russia

SHIPITO is proud to offer shipping of packages from U.S.A. to Russia

  • USPS Express Mail and Priority Mail
  • Same prices as at the postal service.
  • See our shipping calculator.

Clients are welcome to use the special instruction to have packages of high value split into multiple packages that will meet Russian customs limitations. Please Keep in mind that all packages might be subject to search by customs, so entering the wrong value for a package might result in the package being held in customs and returned to the sender.

NEWS: Shipito client account was translated to Russian language.

Cell Phones to Russia

Recently we have had several claims for cell phones missing when packages are delivered in Russia. We have tried to file claims for this when this happens but claims have been denied because they are considered restricted items. We spoke with USPS and they said they are denying all recent claims because Russian customs said that they are restricted. If this happens, there is pretty much nothing we can do about it as USPS will NOT honor the claim.

Transmitters/transceivers devices to Russia
It is prohibited to ship any transmitters/transceivers devices to Russia. Any electronic device that produces a radio frequency is a transmitter/transceiver. Such devices are mobile phones, media players with wifi (e.g. ipod touch), tablets (for example ipad), bluetooth devices, etc. For more information on what items are restricted and prohibited to ship to Russia please visit:

October 13, 2010: New update from FedEx regarding shipping to Russia.

We are also working official version of our website in Russian language.

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