Shipito Hong Kong

Currently, we don’t accept any new packages at Hong Kong location. If you have any packages at HK warehouse, please mail it out immediately.

Services offered in Hong Kong:

  • Full Shipito services. Consolidations, special requests… All terms and conditions for package storage are the same as our U.S.A. location.
  • Shipping by FedEx – see shipping calculator.
  • Shipping by Postal Service – EMS (Express Mail Service). EMS shipping option is not a part of shipping calculator. We will make a manual quote each time you ask us on your account.

Questions & Answers:
iPhone shipping questions:
Hong Kong Post does not accept iPhone for Speedmail or Air Mail, only surface mail or Fedex can be used.

As for the hong kong post, the reason they don’t accept iPhone due to the lithium-ion battery contain in the phone. The only method they accept is by surface mail/sea mail (40-70 days to arrive).  This is the reference link

Local pick up options:
– US$8.5 for local pick up, up to 3kg.  For each extra kg, it will be 1 US$
– Heavy pick up is for 20kg or more, US$35/trip (Kowloon and N.T. areas)  US$45/trip for Hong Kong island area (because it will have tunnel fees to travel to HK island and Tung Chung areas).
– Place email your request. The actual charge will be added after receiving the package.  Also we will need some information for the pick up: eg the person or company’s name, pick up address, and the product information (simple description and quantity).

Contact for Hong Kong location:
Carmen Chung
You can use it for the shipping contact person when requested by supplier.

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